Essay Sample on Business Manager at Department of Environmental Service in San Francisco General Hospital

Published: 2023-11-19
Essay Sample on Business Manager at Department of Environmental Service in San Francisco General Hospital
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I graduated from San Mateo College with a degree in economics and business administration, then majored in Business Management at San Jose State University.

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I've been acting business manager Working with the Department of Environmental Services at San Francisco General Hospital. I have been overseeing and supervising the hospital staff to ensure they carry their roles effectively. My major attention has been to continue training, evaluating new staff, and ensure that the department is on the right track especially in achieving both quality and financial goals.

After graduating with a degree in economics and Business administration and majoring in Business Management, I have embarked on vigorous and extensive research on how to improve business management roles in organizations. I have held significant conferences, meetings, and interviews to find out the best way of bettering the position of Business Manager in organizations. My intensive research has had a great impact as I have been able to provide vital information and mentorship concerning the subject of improving business managers in different organizations. Since college at San Mateo, I have been a champion on matters relating to economics and business administration. I was a leader of the economics club, where we organize for several intercollege competitions, debates, and forums on current affairs relating to economics. The early involvement in the economic realm has been significant for gaining significant experiences.

I have leadership skills that are essential to any business manager. Being a leader of an economic club; has exposed me to how to relate well with my associate. I am an excellent motivator, which a great skill manager should nurture along with their staff for the long-term success of the organization. I also have exceptional business development skills; during my time working with the produce department dealing with the chain of groceries, I was able to introduce financial and customer relations strategies that went a long way to improve the organization sales. My associate contemplates my effective communication, especially during the staff meeting, forums, and interviews. I was able to increase the sales of the department of a chain of groceries where I was working as a supervisor after identifying the problem in the financial organization and customer care relationship.

In my current work in the department of Environmental Service at San Francisco General Hospital as a business manager, I have successfully built a sustainable association with significant cooperate clients and hospital organizations within San Francisco. Therefore, our general hospital services and quality have increased in the portfolio for more than 64% through business development.

I volunteered severally especially during my internship program, I worked as a business manager at a grocery store, local health center, and local microfinance organization. Within two years of my volunteer internship, I have gained tremendous experiences that have played a major role in my current business management position.

My prospect is luminous, I am determined to be operational management. My target is having exceptional skills in Budgeting, delegation, performance tracking, and lean thinking. Furthermore, I aspire to implement the following; pull up a system to cut inventory cost, introduce a comprehensive incentive program targeting to reduce turnover, and setting up a time reduction plan to ensure lead time is cut tremendously. Additionally, I am a fond person of team building, I find the exercise self-fulfilling and important especially in business management.

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