Essay Sample on Rocio Lorenzo: How Diversity Makes Teams More Innovative

Published: 2023-11-24
Essay Sample on Rocio Lorenzo: How Diversity Makes Teams More Innovative
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According to Rocio Lorenzo, diversity leadership leads to diversity innovation and innovation to diversity. Interactions and respect for gender are very powerful. Our interaction with each other from different place, gender and culture are the foundations for diversity and change. No matter the level of education and how the experience of job one is, the key to bringing diversity is significant in achieving diversity innovation and goals.

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Rocio Lorenzo explains well that diversity is the thing every generation should fight for. When everything is not perfect, diversity and leadership decisions was something that would happen naturally over time. For gender diversity to have an impact on innovation, there should be more than 20 per cent women in leadership. Where there is gender diversity, there is innovation revenue rise. It is evident that diversity in an organization can be achieved; there are organizations with more than 25 per cent ladies in leadership.

Rocio Lorenzo has shown how gender diversity has bought revenue diversity increase. To achieve gender diversity, there is a need to reach this and beyond tokenism. In her talk, it is evident that innovation performance is increased significantly when the number of women is high more than 20 per cent in a management position. I have learnt that not having a large number of women in an organization that affect innovation later it is having a number of women in managerial positions. The per cent number of women in a managerial position in any organization should be at least 25 per cent.

Organizations with a diverse managerial team and understanding workforce relationships are essential in enhancing innovation. Good workforce relationship enables workers to freely open up and share their ideas. Diversity in the workforce leads to different perspectives and bring new ideas to enhancing innovation (Lorenzo & Reeves, 2018)

I thought it is odd to interact with people from other cultures, but now I support and advocate for diversity. I have learnt that no matter how one wants his children get a good education, providing good health services to the society or create job opportunities, there is a great need of working with people from different culture, religion and different socioeconomic groups. To achieve this goal of working with diversity, there is a need for having good relationships based on understanding, trust and share ideas.

Institution or an organization with diverse employees will be better in management and solving complex matters than an organization with only a homogenous employee. Science shows that social diversity works in different ways bring diverse innovation (Katalakute, 2019). Not because different people from different culture, religion and different socioeconomic groups have new information but because interacting with diverse forces group, people prepare better and share different viewpoints and great innovation.

I have learnt that if I want to build a productive organization with high innovation, I need diversity. Creativity and productivity are created by diversity. I feel challenged to search and interact with people from different culture, religion and different socioeconomic groups. I will interact with different people to get more information and perspectives in solving problems. Diversity changes the way of thinking and brings new perspectives on leadership.

From my past experience, the primary understanding of diversity is based on informational diversity. When a problem is solved by different groups of people, this brings informational diversity. In my life in school, I have met friends from different countries and different culture. I gain informational diversity from them, especially when sharing ideas on sport and in academic matters.

I have learnt that no matter my religion, race, the ethnic or socioeconomic group, I need to develop good relationships with different people who I know little about. Each day I should find new friends and socialize with different people. I can make new friendships around the world to gain information diversity and to achieve great goals which are community-based later than individual-based. If I create a good network of diverse, I can be able to bring people together and solve problems together.

Rocio Lorenzo has really inspired me. Truly innovation enhancement does not depend on a single type of diversity. The number of women in a managerial position or from different culture, religion, or socioeconomic group, Industries can enhance innovation increase. The positive relationship between workforce diversity, management diversity and employees’ diversity and innovation is very important in any organization. An organization with diversity has more innovation and hence more productivity.


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