Paper Example: Living and Learning in a Technological World

Published: 2023-11-27
Paper Example: Living and Learning in a Technological World
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Walden community has given me an exciting chance to progress academically and make progress by learning online. The world today revolves around the poles of technology, and that is what Walden offers through the online courses. It remains to be seen how one will progress as a social being – the human element of life – with all the technology-enabled approaches to life today. Technology has endangered human relationships due to lack of contact time (Sims, 2009).

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Today I am a Walden student enjoying the pleasure of learning online. It is a new experience and a chance to develop my academic profile further. The environment is different, and the way of life has changed. In my previous academic expeditions, I would step into normal classrooms where I would physically interact with my classmates. However, this has all changed into an online system where we meet via discussion forums from different corners of the world. Physical social integration is no longer a possibility in an online learning environment (Loh et al., 2016). To achieve human interaction again, one has to find alternative methods of meeting people and working with them. I have to be an agent of social change, as envisioned by the Walden community to regain the human touch.

The journey of social change requires commitment and wise choice of community activities (Parcero-Oubiña & Criado-Boado, 2013). In my approach, I will opt to work closely with teenagers to help them grow socially and achieve their set dreams. Monthly activities with children, such as tree planting and town cleanups, will be part of my profile to ensure full incorporation into the human world. Other than committing time and energy, some of the activities will require financial resources. Therefore, I will need to commit finances and engage local authorities and willing partners to join in the noble journey.

I will achieve my goals by first working closely with classmates. Being a student means being in a community of learners. Despite things happening online, I have to be a true classmate. My classmates will hold the great fort in my desire to pursue the human dream support from colleagues in the social change events would mean a great thing to me, hence the need to engage with them from the online classes all the way to physical engagements. I will engage them in discussions and understand those who have been through social change programs, and as such, identify a mentor. As much I will want to engage outside the class activities and assignments, my learning process must continue smoothly. The formal process must entangle well with the informal process where I want to succeed as an agent of social change.

To achieve my social change dream, I need to do a lot and commit to the course. As an agent of social change, one becomes a mentor to many who wish to follow in such footsteps (Sanford, 2017). By taking up the challenge with teenagers, I will be coaching them on the importance of being agents of social change. The Walden university website is a great resource for information. Further, the university is full of scholars and agents of change who can work as mentors in my dream to inject social change in my community. It is a journey full of hurdles and obstacles, but overcoming them is what bears success.

In conclusion, being an agent of social change is no pushover. Whatever one deems as change is a disruption to others, and resistance is bound to occur (Portes, 2010). Therefore, the commitment to the course must be unwavering. This course I am undertaking should be like an opportunity to form a network through which one can initiate change. In the end, it is the success of the change initiative that matters. I am inspired by the desire to have a clean and green world in the coming decades. Every small part played by individuals adds up to the big dream and its success.


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