The Effectiveness of Consulting Services Provided - Paper Example

Published: 2023-11-15
The Effectiveness of Consulting Services Provided - Paper Example
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The project will analyze the effectiveness of consulting services provided by SIGMA Consulting Solutions Limited.

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The project will address some of the ways SIGMA Consulting can reach its primary objective of providing world-class project management consulting services to various companies.

Some of the ways SIGMA Consulting will achieve the mentioned objective include; by identifying its high-level goal (providing world-class project management consulting services) by accelerating the awareness of the services in the marketplace [1]. Another way is by tracking the company’s goals in visible places where its clients can find and access them [1]. The organization can also define clear milestones that will help it achieve the objective. For example, the organization can state to its employees that the company should become a world-class provider of consulting services by increasing year-over-year intranet web traffic by 10% in the first quarter. The above milestone is good since its measurable, it has a deadline, and someone is responsible for it [1].

The organization then connects projects to milestones. The importance of doing that as a way of achieving the company’s goals is that it enables an organization to keep its employees engaged[1]. SIGMA Consulting solution limited ‘s employees can use the easily accessed website to gather information and feedback from their potential clients. The gathered analyzed data helps employees to find ways to help the company’s clients. The process keeps the employees busy and also helps project management officers to overcome their fear of the complexity of the growth in business environment caused by advancement in technology. Connecting projects and milestones helps the organization to encourage productivity and creativity among employees since the process makes employees feel like they matter for the success of the company.

Project’s goals The goal of the project include;

  • Productivity; a new enterprise-wide project management system introduced to help project managers understand ways to work more efficiently despite the growth in business, resulting in the complexity of the project[2]. A new system will reduce workload with computerization and protect the company against any cyber- crimes. As a result, the company will reduce the use of consultants in the human resources management team; hence, the company can save up to $ 480,000 per year.
  • Customers’ Satisfaction; SIGMA Consulting Company introduced a new site in its intranet to help customers access the marketing information quickly through the online directory and Web-based e-mail systems [2]. The aim of entering a new intranet site is to improve the customer’s satisfaction and remove possible complaints as growth in business makes business information more complicated for clients to understand what to do in the marketing environment.
  • Information Security; the company will introduce intranet site used to secure all the company’s data against any unauthorized accessibility. The project management office manager within the company will present various ways to protect the system against unauthorized access. Some of the techniques include; ensuring that those using computers within the company have strong passwords, discourage employees from installing unknown software within the office computers, among others [3].

Project’s Scope

The organization will purchase access to specialized software to support the intranet site with little development within SIGMA Consulting (in-house development)[4]. The system is only to help both the information department (consultants) and the project management teams within the company at this stage, where there is a rise in complexity in the business environment [4]. Other teams, like human resource departments, are out of the scope.

Key stakeholders Name Success Criteria
Ms. Carla Michelle Thurston
Ms. Hilary Ann Stephenon
Mr. Niels Lenander Jenses
Mr. Gote Berntsson
Mr. Thomas Hallberg

Company Secretary


Project’s Milestones The five common project milestone is establishing a robust business model, achieving customer loyalty, developing a market strategy, employing additional staffs, and reaching several sales.

Establishing a robust business model helps an organization to map out how it will create ongoing value for its customers by identifying the specific target audience, what its customer’s value, and how the service will deliver that value to customers [5].

Sigma Consulting Solution Limited should determine its finances and how its business will generate revenue is a critical step to complete the project. The management team should carefully consider the company’s cost structure and profit margin in the near future. They should also find expansion plans by having some extra help, such as loans.

When an organization prioritizes in the budget, it can develop a market strategy that will help it to maintain its band recognition as well as its reputation. After calculating the budget needed to achieve its objectives, it will complement the smart marketing approach, which will result in actively engage both the current and potential customers as well as attracting new customers. SIGMA Consulting hires knowledgeable consultants and giving them the freedom to control the company’s projects as they see fit. It is of importance for a company to market correctly to its target demographics. The organizations should keep the marketing plan relevant by reviewing and revising the strategy as well as approximated budget at regular intervals (every four months).

Assumptions Many businesses fail because of making marketing mistakes. When a company is developing a marketing strategy, it needs to consider its financial capacity. Looking at the budget helps the company to maintain its position in the market as well as avoid bankruptcy. Businesses’ most common marketing mistakes involve money, where business owners spend enough on generating further leads. Some entrepreneurs outsource marketing strategies, while others prefer creating and carrying out all the marketing process themselves.

The best marketing strategy is outsourcing since it helps businesses acquire products that they do not produce. Outsourcing also allows organizations to build good business relationships between them and other organizations resulting in the sharing of information between its experts and other companies’ experts.


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