Jim Crow Laws - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-13
Jim Crow Laws - Free Essay Example
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Jim Crow laws marked an era of racial discrimination in the United States of America after the abolishment of the slave trade, especially in the southern parts of the country. The topic of Jim Crow is crucial in understanding the lives of black Americans immediately after the end of slavery (Remembering Jim Crow 06:30-10:11). Understanding where the country has come from in terms of racial discrimination is essential in devising strategies to eradicate the social problem in the future. Therefore, as a civilized society, Jim Crow laws serve as an example of the extent leaders may go to support and advocate for discrimination. Consequently, the laws serve as indicators of the suffering and a reminder to all the citizens of the United States of America of the injustices inflicted.

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Impact it has on people today

Jim Crow laws legalized racial segregation, denied them the right to vote, and forbade them from acquiring properties, working, or visiting public parks given to the whites. It also gave the correctional departments a right to enslave prisoners who were majorly black people. Although the laws were abolished and civilization upheld (Remembering Jim Crow 00:13:20-00:16:30). The Jim Crows laws era can be attributed to the white supremacy witnessed in the United States of America today. Black Americans still face discrimination in the employment sector, legal services, and other essential services in the countries. Racial discrimination is still witnessed in property ownership, and some estates in the country believes in the notion that balk Americans should not be their neighbors. This belief was advocated for by Jim Crow's laws.

Positive or Negative Impact of the Concerns in Jim Crow Laws

The positive impact of the racial discrimination concerns advocated in the Jim Crow laws is that they serve as a reminder of black Americans suffering (Remembering Jim Crow 42:01-43:20). They remind the nation of the social injustices and challenges faced by the minority group in the country. It also sheds right on the unjust treatment of black Americans by the authorities. The negative impact of racial discrimination and Jim Crow laws are the unemployment rates caused by the implementation of the laws among black Americans.

How Jim Crows studies add to the understanding of African American Struggles

Jim Crows studies had contributed to the understanding of when the suffering of the blacks in the United States of America started. Slavery was eradicated when the 5th Amendment was enacted, and American industrialization in the southern states required forced labor. Therefore, depicting Black Americans as criminals was a policy adopted by the authorities in the Jim Crows era to force them to work for them. The idea has evolved in the country where Black Americans are seen as criminals, and Jim Crow's study has provided an insight into where the stereotype evolved. The concept of segregation and unfair treatment of Africans in the county can be attributed to the inequality and poverty levels that have forced them to live in estates considered to be for the poor.

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