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Discrimination in the Workplace

The article titled "The Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Challenge of Population Aging" by David Neumark (2009) reviews the manifestation on age discrimination in the employment markets of the US and the consequences of combating it by...
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2017-07-07 10:01:39

Race and Racism

Selma struck me as an emotional and yet necessary outlook at the historical accounts of racial discrimination and the events that have come to shape inter-racial relationships. For instance, the bombing at the onset of the film was bewildering, to...
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2017-08-30 07:23:50

Ageism in Healthcare

Ageism in health care represents the intentional or subconscious discrimination experienced by the elderly people in the provision of medical care (Miller, 2009). Studies conducted by Butler revealed that left over feelings among healthcare profes...
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2017-09-01 08:03:13

Ping Chong Awareness Dispute Racial Problem in America

Theatre industry is one of the avenues that has been utilized when it comes to eradicating the vice of racial discrimination in the country.
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2018-01-08 21:17:36

Years of Oppression

Various groups went through oppression for several years in the past and even in the twenty-first century.
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2018-01-10 01:50:28

Why Black Neo-Conservatives matter

Thomas states that most black people blame their failings on white people. He states that this should not be the case.
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2018-01-13 11:54:59

The Guilt of the Whites' Atrocities over the Natives

The production of the Avatar, an epic film in 2009 by James Cameron, invites a lot of critics to discuss the subject of polarization.
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2018-01-17 02:42:29

Solution to Bullying

Bullying is wrong in every way and form and in most cases it occurs in the educational institutions.
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2018-01-19 13:49:28

Theoretical Application, Hypothetical

There are many theories surrounding the social issues in the number of elderly males as inmates in prison.
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2018-01-20 04:28:12

Incarceration Rate

The Increase Incarceration Rate and Crime Rate Increase has to do with Black Lives Matter Movement because of Police Discrimination.
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2018-01-22 12:07:29