Free Essay Example: Turkey vs ISIL

Published: 2022-03-12
Free Essay Example: Turkey vs ISIL
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There has been a major conflict between ISIL and Turkey that has existed for a period. It is a major conflict that has led to the death of many people and the destruction of property through terrorist attacks. The conflict is a spillover of the conflict in Syria. The civil war in Syria developed as a result of conflicts between the government and the majority ethnic group that wanted a regime change. The conflict in Syria was also based on ethical factors which then spread to other nations of Middle East (Callimachi, 9).

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What did each side demand of the other?

ISIL is a terrorist group originating from Iraq and has spread into other Arabic nations including Syria. It is a group based on Sunni Islam and jihadist mandate. It is responsible for bombings and killings of people considered as its enemies and is recognized by the united stations and other countries as a dangerous terrorist group. The conflict between Turkey and ISIL is based on their influences in Syria. ISIL has been responsible for several terrorist attacks in Turkey, and it became the main reason for retaliation by the turkey government. ISIL claims that Turkey has joined forces with the Crusaders regarding western nations and has become an apostate regime. On the other hand, Turkey considers ISIL terrorist groups and has been involved with military attacks on it in both Iraq and Syria and has been responsible for the death of many of them (Callimachi, 45).

Why did bargaining fail?

The conflict between the two sides has been very difficult to resolve because ISIL is against turkey and its way of life because it is established by religious and jihadist factors. Another reason for the high difficulty of ending the conflict between the two sides is as a result of the spill over the Syrian war. Turkey is a nation that had taken a strong stand against the Assad regime in Syria. ISIL, on the other hand, developed more influence in Syria, Iraq and began to move towards the border of Syria and Turkey and thus led to the conflict between the two sides. Turkey had been supporting ISIL in its lesser form until it grew and began to attack Turkey through one of its borders. The involvement of Turkey is as a result of the need for control over Turkey has for long wished to re-establish it Ottoman influences in the region and Syria is one of them. The war in Syria led to the growth of ISIL which became a competitor for the control of Syria. The fight for control is one of the main reason that bargaining for peace between the two sides is difficult and almost impossible (Ahmad, 15).

Did the rebels form in an urban or rural setting?

ISIL which more of an unofficial group can, in this case, be described as a rebel group without a formal and recognized system of organization. It was established during the west attacks on nations of Iraq after the rise of jihadist and monotheistic groups such as the Jama'at al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad. ISIL is a group that developed in urban settings of nations of Jordan, and Iraq and developed to develop control nations and even regions. ISIL has developed a lot of influence as a jihadist group in nations of Middle East and has developed religious conflicts with Sunni Muslims and people practicing western cultures (Callimachi, 17).

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