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Feminism and Jane Austen

Jane Austen is one of the most prominent women of her time who had tremendous influence on how the women were perceived in the 19th century. During that time, women were considered to be unequal to men and often were oppressed in the social, polit...
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2017-08-06 11:29:07

A Woman President

Feminist movements have been around for more than two centuries now. Their effect, as we know today, has been the increasing recognition of the woman as being equal to the man (Rosen, 2013). Currently, women occupy similar positions as men in acad...
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2017-08-14 10:39:12

Short Fiction of Kate Chopin

Considering the three short stories of the write Kate Chopin, the writer majorly denotes about freedom of self-hood and self-assertion especially in women, racism, hypocrisy and finally sexual explicit among other human conditions. This are the mo...
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2017-08-16 11:29:53

Womens suffrage

Women suffrage is the right of womenfolk to vote (McCarthy, 2014). All over the world at different times in the past, women have undergone much oppression regarding voting. At times, they were barred from voting as they were taken to make poor dec...
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The book of Lone Mothers in European Welfare Regimes in-depth studies the policies of seven European states in relation to lone mothers. It thus reveals contrasting attitudes in the current Europe towards the lone motherhood. Essentially, the book...
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2017-09-26 13:08:08

Feminist Art in China and Britain

Feminist art is a hallmark in the celebration of art throughout the world as this kind of art seeks to place an equality demon the realm of art through the presentation of feminist phenomena (Yang; Preece). Western countries were the pioneers of f...
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2017-10-02 13:44:07

Remember the Ladies

Future first lady Abigail Adams wrote numerous letters to her husband John Adams appealing to him to remember the ladies when they were drafting the crucial Declaration of Independence. She considered the Declaration a possible turning point in Am...
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2017-11-06 10:41:31

American Identity

Different religions and reforms characterized 19th century USA, womens rights seems to have been the most effective in constructing.
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2017-12-27 11:04:16

Gender Problems

Women face many problems in the science field, such problems are attributed to certain social issues.
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2017-12-28 08:44:13

Time Stands Still Meaning

In the play Time Stands Still, the different gender roles depict how gender affects the general meaning of the feminism theory.
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2018-03-17 08:01:24