Essay Example on Workplace Violence and Harassment Program

Published: 2022-12-09
Essay Example on Workplace Violence and Harassment Program
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Violence can be defined as the use of physical force to destroy, injure, damage or even abuse (Copeland and Henry, 2017). The World Health Organization defines violence as the use of physical force intentionally, either actual or threatened against a group, oneself, a community or another individual that often leads to deprivation, injury, maldevelopment, death or even psychological harm. Harassment, on the other hand, covers a variety of behaviors of a violent nature. Harassment is argued out to be a behavior that embarrasses, demeans as well as humiliates a person and is characteristically recognized through its unlikelihood in terms of moral as well as human reasonableness (Wang et al. 2018). Legally, they are behaviors that seem threatening, disturbing or even disturbing. This paper tries to explain a program on workplace violence and harassment of Jamie Pub in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Jamie Pub does not tolerate any workplace harassment or violence and will be active in protecting its workers against workplace harassment and violence. Jamie Pub is committed to investigating any reported incidences of harassment and violence promptly, provide necessary support to the victims as well as taking the appropriate action against such an impact. The management of the Pub is devoted to providing a work environment is free from harassment and violence of any kind either arising from another co-worker or any other person visiting the club or even interacting with the staff. This program led by the manager of the pub will ensure that everyone understands and is aware that the acts of harassment and violence are considered a severe offence hence any attempt will attract necessary action, those who finds themselves victims of these offences are encouraged to access any assistance they could require in order to pursue a complaint as well as advising individuals of available recourse when they find themselves victims or even are aware of such offences.

Harassment includes any behavior that discriminates, intimidates or even isolates against any worker by another while any attempt or exercise of physically forcing by an individual against an employee which causes or almost caused injury to the employee is an act of violence (Nielsen, Glaso, & Einarsen, 2017). Also, any threat to exercise physical force to an employee in the workplace is an act of violence (Phillips, 2016). This program is aimed at eradicating such behaviors within Jamie Pub and will not be tolerated. The law may be against or by employee, visitor, customer, college and university students or any other individual at Certificate of Recognition. In respect to the workplace harassment and violence program, any contravention may lead to; the removal from the pub, dismissal and discipline or even police involvement. Physical threats occurring in Jamie Pub or involving an employee will be reported to the police.

Any employee experiencing or is in knowledge of another employee who is experiencing violence outside the pub which may create a risk of danger to others or themselves within the work environment is encouraged to report such a case to the manager in order appropriate precautions that are preventive can be taken in order to protect the other employees and those who are a service of the pub (Herlihy, 2017). Jamie Pub acknowledges that an employed individual has a history of violent behavior and therefore will provide only the necessary little information to any employee who is at risk once such a person is encountered who is at risk of physical injury. In conclusion, Jamie Pub will make every effort to respect the privacy of any violent individual as much as possible. Once one is a victim, please feel free to report to the manager.


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