Essay Sample on Setting HR Program Across Cultures

Published: 2023-01-24
Essay Sample on Setting HR Program Across Cultures
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Between the United States and Venezuela, each country has laws, regulation and cultural dimension that shapes the human resources programs and practices. United states score high on individualism and long-term orientation while Venezuela scores high on power distance, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, and indulgence. By examining cross culture HRM polices and program the researcher argues that no one HR policy or practices can work in both countries.

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Setting up HR Programs and Practices in the United States & Venezuela

The first step is to understand the policies, laws, and cultural perspectives that might shape, or impact the human resources programs and practices employed in each county (Obeidat et al., 2016). It is important to ensure that there is a culture fit. The HR policies and programs must be aligned with the local culture and laws to avoid conflict between company law the HR regulation the country in terms of hiring practices, onboarding, employee conduct, workplace safety, compensation and performance evaluations.

Placing Priorities in Terms of Meeting Cultural, and National Expectations

The first thing is the meet the cultural expectation in that country before the national expectation. In most countries, organizational culture and national culture will significantly influence how the company operates. Employees who feel that the company is culturally ignorant or not culturally sensitive are likely to resign (Reilly, 2015). To recruit and retain talent, it is the duty of the HR manager to ensure that the HR policies culture are aligned with the national culture including holidays, working hours, responsibility, portion, control, hierarchy, gender and leadership

5 Minutes Strategic HR Briefing to a High-Level Executive

Every country has its own cultural dimensions that shape or affect the values of its people. The cultures determine people's behaviors, decision making, and choices, power relations, inequality, and hierarchy. Therefore, when in charge or strategic HR across culture or nations, it is important for the HRM to adapt to the local culture within which the organization is embedded.


It would also be wise to add that cultural relativity of the management practices and policies have the significant implication of the multinational organoiron. Social values such as culture and spirituality should be adapted. There is a significant correlation between the cultural dimension and global HRM. Therefore, adaptation should be given priority in the context of global strategic HRM.


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