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As our news feeds overflow with information day in, day out, it’s easy to forget that there’s more to the US than school shootings and police brutality. For a relatively young state, America sure has a colorful history that has shaped the way we live today. So while an American history essay may seem like the dullest of assignments, it can be exciting to pause and take a careful look back at what came before us. We might learn that we are repeating past mistakes instead of forging a better life for everyone.

But before you make any conclusions tying the past to the present, you need to take a long trip to the library to find enough sources for your essay on American history. Unfortunately, the sheer number of books, articles, biographies, and letters can quickly turn you off the idea of writing an American history essay. 

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Here are a few ideas for making the most of our American history essay example database:

  • Skim the titles to find unique essay topics for American history. You can pick any of the issues to make your own, edit and twist the title to transform it into something new or mash several topics into one that works best for a research or term paper.
  • Plunder reference sections for credible and relevant sources. Your American history essay will need at least three to five citations, and you don’t have to go through the whole library to find them. Instead, skim the samples and cherry-pick the sources that work best for your narrative.
  • Adopt the juiciest parts of the American history essay example that fit your assignment. From the hook and thesis statement in the introductory paragraph to the topic sentences and transitions sprinkled throughout the body passages, there are many tidbits for you to borrow and use in your writing. Remember to cite the source if you copy any fragment verbatim or pay more attention to paraphrasing.
  • Rewrite the American history essay sample from start to finish. This may seem like the fastest and easiest option, but it’s also the riskiest. If you’re not careful enough when rewriting the original piece, you may get caught during a plagiarism check. And that’s not what you need hanging over your head. So if you choose to paraphrase the whole thing, be extra thorough!
  • Be a critic, catch mistakes and avoid them in your writing. We publish student submissions without editing or proofreading, so you may find mistakes big and small across the samples. Catching them is good practice for polishing your paper. Instead of getting annoyed, use this chance to improve your writing.

While it should be obvious, we still remind you not to submit a free American history essay you copy from our database with your name on the title page. Every sample in our collection is accessible for plagiarism checkers, and you don’t want a glaring 100% similarity rate on your plag report. 

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