Essay Example on Gun Violence and Video Games

Published: 2019-08-15
Essay Example on Gun Violence and Video Games
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Gun violence is a real problem in the United States. However, associating online gaming with violence outside video games is a subject that needs research to establish the truth.

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Annotated Bibliography

Anderson, Craig A., et al. "Longitudinal Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggression in Japan and the United States." Pediatrics (2008): 1067-1072. Internet Resource.

This resource presents a study on violent video games and aggression in the United States and Japan. In this case, Japan is used as a representative of the low violence cultures such as South Korea. One of the hypotheses tested was the association between aggression with time and high exposure to video games that are violent; for both Japan and the United States. The researchers figured that exposure to such games early in school years in both countries led to changes in the physical aggressiveness shown by students. The results of the study confirmed the hypothesis. The effect goes across cultures and the researchers suggest reduced exposure.

While there is no explicit association with real-life gun violence, video games, more so the violent ones, have an effect on aggression. This resource will help my discussion on pointing out comparisons of violence in different cultures such as South Korea. The fact that gun violence levels in the US are very high is worrying. Thus, this resource would support my argument to the effect that policy makers need find out what the government should do in terms of limiting exposure to violent video games.

Bezio, Kristin M.S. Stop blaming video games for America's gun violence. 12 February 2013. Internet Resource. 4 April 2016.

According to this author, there are studies that indicate that violent video games do not increase violence among children. She points out that there is more to gun violence in America than violent video games that children and teenagers play. Some of these reasons include human behavior, as well as, ideologies around societal violence.

This argument will help in my discussion of the debate on violent video games and gun violence in America more so when differentiating the rates of violence in South Korea and those of the United States. It is evident that policies and societal values play a role and not just violent video games. Parenting is another factor that should be looked at; according to Bezio. These are some of the aspects outside video games that this source will help me bring out in my research paper.

Sanders, Katie. "Americans are 20 times as likely to die from gun violence as citizens of other civilized countries." 17 January 2014. Politifact. Internet Resource. 4 April 2016.

The striking title of this source points to such cases as the shootings at a school in New Mexico and those at the Florida Theater in 2014. The author quotes statistics by Lisa Bloom, an author, and lawyer, on gun violence and the reasons behind that in America. Comparisons are drawn with other countries including South Korea.

One of the most significant statistics is how high firearm-related deaths in the US are; at 3.2 deaths for every 100,000 people. Turkey and Switzerland are at 0.8. Even so, the writer points out the variances that may come about due to data collection differences and report in a number of countries. In using this article, I will seek to find out and present reasons why gun violence deaths are high in the US and not in other developing countries.

Brown, Jeffrey. Video Games: Violent, Yes. But Do They Make Us Violent? 15 February 2013. Internet Resource. 4 April 2016.

This resource points out how easily available video games are to children and teenagers, including violent ones meant for adults. It cites the Newtown, Conn. shooting in which the shooter was reported to have been playing violent video games for a while. Aggressive behavior is linked with violent video games.

This source will assist my argument from the other side; that video games do not necessarily make someone take a gun and start shooting people. Studies by Professors from Ohio State University are cited as well; all indicative of the heightened levels of aggression that violent video games induce in people; especially young people. Even so, the writer quotes a psychology and communications scholar, Brad Bushman who quips that correlation between the two matters does not necessarily mean causation.

Carnagey, Nicholas L. "The effect of video game violence on physiological desensitization to real-life violence." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2007): 489496.

This points out the previous research linking the rise in angry feelings, aggressive thoughts, aggressive behaviors, and physiological arousal to violent video game exposure. It aims to find out whether exposure to violent video games has something to do with lessened arousal to violence among gamers. It indicates that those who watch violent real life events after playing violent video games show lower heart rates as compared to those who did not play such games.

This author highlights the feelings that people exposed to violent media would feel about committing violent acts in real life. This study will be helpful to my research as far as scientific connections to real life violence being linked to violent video game exposure is concerned. I would like to tackle studies linking video games to gun violence as well as those that seek to question that belief.

Carter, Greg Lee. Guns in American society : an encyclopedia of history, politics, culture, and the law. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 2012. Print.

This book captures the academic research around gun-related matters. It is valued for its unbiased presentation of facts away from the rhetoric of gun control and gun violence that is often overheated especially in America. It captures various aspects of gun issues in America such as gun rights, rates of violence, court decisions, regulations and legislation, gun control, gun ownership, gun organizations, hunters and collectors, and lots more.

There are contributions from experts in law, history, criminology, social science and politics in this book. Therefore, not only is this resource valuable to this research, but it is also informative to many people and not just students. Its authoritativeness and depth of insight will inform on how I will recommend what should be done to handle the challenges around gun violence.

Cho, Joohee. "Strict Gun Control Laws in South Korea." 19 December 2012. ABC News. Internet Resource. 4 April 2016.

Cho points out that in the Asian country, gun ownership is illegal by law. The only time people are allowed to handle guns is during military service; which is mandatory for all Korean men. The author points out the rigorous process of evaluation and testing before a civilian is issued with a licensed gun; which is very different from that in the US. Gun related crimes in the country are merely accidental and not murder attempts as is the case in the US; a sharp contrast.

The information given in this resource clearly points to the core of my research proposal. It will be a great reference point to show that other developed nations do not have gun violence problems in high levels as those of the US.

Fisher, Max. Ten-country comparison suggests theres little or no link between video games and gun murders. 2012 December 2012. Internet Resource. 4 April 2016.

Following a mass shooting in the US, this article highlights the role that violent video games had to play in such an incident. The author states that while there is a probability that such things as 'marketing of murder' lead to mass shootings, he says the numbers are not supportive of the hypothesis.

The research referenced in this source is that of the big video game markets in the world. The author attempts to draw the line by comparing gun murder rates in other developed countries with that of the US; thereby concluding that there is more to the debate. This is what this resource will help me do to support my thesis. This is because of the point that other countries that have high video game consumption even violent video games just happen to be amongst the safest nations in the world. This resource helps trigger critical thinking around the debate and is helpful in the research due to the clear arguments by the author.

Funk, Jeanne B., et al. "Violence exposure in real-life, video games, television, movies, and the internet: is there desensitization?" Journal of Adolescence (2004): 2339.

This source links lower empathy to exposure to violence in video games. It presents a study that aims to find out how entertainment and real-life violence may change behavioral, cognitive, and affective processes. It also aims to find out whether those aspects of violence lead to desensitization. It involves exposing children to measures of media violence, real-life violence, attitudes to violence and empathy.

The results show that violent video players have little or lower empathy as compared to those exposed to other forms of media. Even so, the causality of violence was not tested. This is an angle that will help greatly in making a case for other countries that have low gun violence but high video game consumption.

Webster, Daniel W., and Jon Vernick. Reducing gun violence in America : informing policy with evidence and analysis. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013. Print.

This source indicates the high numbers of deaths that come about as a result of gun violence in the US; 31,000 each year. It states that such levels of danger to life have become a serious public health issue. This is a solution-oriented book that will present useful thoughts as far as other aspects of gun violence will be discussed in my research. The authors advocate for effective evidence-based policies to help curb the problem.

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