Free Paper with the Case Study of Charles Manson's Deviant Behavior

Published: 2022-07-12
Free Paper with the Case Study of Charles Manson's Deviant Behavior
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Deviance is an infringement of cultural and social norms which can be either in the form of folkways or codified laws. In the magazine article entitled, 'The Demon of Death Valley': Read TIME's Original Report on the 1969 Manson Family Arrests, there is a representation of a deviant act that reveals a serious criminal act. The article revealed that the action of Manson is associated with mores because it was a more serious moral injunction that the society does not allow. Mason and his group involved in activities such as theft, murder and attempt to assassinate President Gerald Ford. Such actions are unaccepted in the society and therefore Manson also violated codified laws which can be enforced by the state. There are laws that inhibit murder and treason. The codified law does not allow anyone to take life of another person (Taylor, 1988). The law also inhibits any person from gaining political power unconstitutionally and therefore an attempt to assassinate the president is another serious criminal offence punishable by the law. On personal perspective, Manson has committed two counts of most serious acts of deviance considered as consensus crime which has near unanimous public agreement. The acts of murder and treason are regarded as morally intolerable, injurious and subject to harsh penalties. On personal perspective, Manson ought to have received serious penalties equivalent to what they have committed.

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The article cannot be associated to conflict crimes because Manson did not commit crimes such as prostitution and using cannabis. Neither did he commit crimes associated to conducts resulting from mental illnesses. His actions were not related to prostitution and behaviors associated to mental illness and therefore the article is related to consensus crime (Taylor, 1988). It is wrong to order other people to kill another person either through stabbing and shooting. The law regards such people as criminals who deserve punitive punishment. Such people commit crime against the state but not fellow individual. They have violated the law of the land and ten commandments of God. In that regard, they have gone against the community norms and practices.

In my opinion, such people do not deserve to stay together with other people in the society but they should be taken to prison for correction. Therefore, the police have taken the best action for arresting the five murderers and three others who participated in the act. In fact, the police were correct for branding the alleged murderers as strangers more than the crime they have committed. I agreed with the police for branding the murderers accused because they have not been found guilty (Taylor, 1988). This ought to have happened after they have been proved so in the court of law. I strongly support the action the police had taken to arrest and keep Manson in police custody with various crimes namely theft, conspiracy and murder. It was true because during the incident Mansion and his group stole cars, killed eight people and conspire with other people to participate in illegal activities such as theft and murder. I support the action of the court for giving life sentence to Manson because he involved in serious crimes that matched the magnitude of his crimes.


Taylor, C. (1988). Crimes, Death, and Stress: Three New Consensus Tasks. Journal of Management Education, 12(2), 115-117. doi:10.1177/105256298801200216

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