Essay Sample on Reasons Why Different Cultures Make Art

Published: 2022-12-08
Essay Sample on Reasons Why Different Cultures Make Art
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Cultures produce arts for various reasons, but the most popular reasons include storytelling, religious purposes, and recreation. Arts play the role of storytelling in many cultures whereby they are created to communicate historical information. The art of ancient Maya is a good example of an art that is used for storytelling about the culture of Americans (MOSAICS 80). There are several arts developed for religious purposes, hence proving the religious purpose of art. For instance, various art objects such as crucifixes in the Christian religion have been developed. Buddhism also has art objects such as the Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara which represents the Buddha (MOSAICS 80). Some arts are also created for recreation purposes whereby some cultures create art to be adored.

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Comparison and contrast between ancient Egypt art, and the Aegean art

There are various comparisons and contrasts between the art of Egypt to that of Aegean cultures, and I will discuss them in brief starting with the contrast. The first contrast is that the two forms of arts existed in different periods. While the Egyptian arts were made from 3000 BC to 300 AD, the Aegean cultures were made from 3000 BC to 1200 BC (Guisepi). Second, the representation of gender was different in the two forms of art. The Egyptian art painted males with longer strides than those of females unlike in the Aegean painting where both males and females had one huge toe that emerged from the inner side. Third, the manner of representing diversity of human beings in the two cultures was pretty different. The manner of representing human beings in Aegean cultures seem to be more diversified than in ancient Egyptian art. In the Aegean culture, the front view of the human sculpture shows a head that is single-eyed, and a chest with two breasts (Guisepi). Contrary, the human sculpture in the Egyptian human sculpture displays the chest having one breast only. The contrast in animal representation in the two arts also varies extensively. The Aegean cultures display animals with their heads only, while the Egyptian art displays animals using their interior side just like in human beings.

The two arts compare with each other in that both were mainly created to provide a history of their culture. The arts would help in the transfer of cultural information to future generations. Though the arts had different appearances, most of the tools used to make them were similar. The sculptures made between the two cultures were also comparable despite having different appearances.

Messages implied by the use of classicism in various instances in the contemporary world

The areas that will be reviewed in this case, on where classical is found in the contemporary world include civil structures, educational brochures, corporations, and advertisement. Classicism in civic structures is mainly aimed at displaying the message of civic identity. In education brochures, the main message is to advocate for appreciation of culture in education. In the case of advertisements, the message implied is to differentiate the brand from that of competitors, for the brand to gain a competitive advantage over that of competitors (Rima 174). Finally, in the case of corporations, the main message implied is to make it clear to the public that the corporation recognizes cultural diversity in its operations.

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