Paper Sample: A Secluded Island of Victoria

Published: 2023-01-20
Paper Sample: A Secluded Island of Victoria
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Victoria is a secluded island and a great society in the Middle of the Indian Ocean. The Island is calm, peaceful, and with complete silence. The situation in this society is an indication that nothing terrible can happen. However, the only sound that you can hear on this island is waves colliding off the cliff, and howling of monkeys in the bush. The air on the island is always free from any forms of pollution and hence suggests that this society is entirely different from the life my family is used to in the city. Moreover, the temperatures in the northern parts of Victoria is warm with little humidity in the air. On the southern region, the temperatures are cold to the extent that snow could easily fall. It is no doubt, in this case, that the atmospheric conditions make Victoria Island a suitable place for winter activities for any fun-lover.

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My parents, younger siblings, and I found ourselves at Victoria Island during our visit to East Africa. It was during the summer when my dad decided to take the entire family for an adventurous holiday to Africa. Immediately we arrived the East Africa, two boys who worked as tour guides took us for an adventure in Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. It is at this point that we sailed to Victoria Island. However, a few people lived in this society, which, to us, seemed inhabitable. The locals were in traditional attires, an indication that they have maintained their traditions that dates back to about three centuries ago. The way of life in the Victoria Island astonished us that we had to interrogate some of the residents to give us more insights into their society. To me, this area looked like a society outside the Earth. The residents were friendly, but we were afraid that they could turn hostile towards strangers.

"Please, tell us something about Victoria Island," I Asked Asha, one of the residents.

"We live a peaceful life, we love visitors, and we believe no one is better than the other."

"There is no racism. We all interact with anyone who visits our island." She continues.

"Do you have any religion on the Island?" My dad asked.

"Yes, we believe there is a monster in the sea, and that is our god. Once a month, we gather in a cave at the far end of the island to worship our god," Asha answered.

Our short interaction with Asha dramatically changed our attitudes towards the people of Victoria Island. Her confirmation that they love and welcome visitors from all parts of the world was a sign of relief to my younger brothers and sisters who were afraid of the residents. However, Nicole, our last born cried uncontrollably whenever any local came close to her as they continued with their routine activities. The good thing with the residents of this society is that they could not judge the visitors by their appearance. Despite the assurance of Asha that they were friendly people, I could not also believe that the residents were so. My father, however, kept on assuring us that the race and appearance do not matter since the locals were welcoming. Nicole could no listen to our father, and I had to convince her.

"They do not like us because we dress differently. These people might harm us," Nicole posed.

"No, they are good people. It does not matter whether you are a visitor or not. They are also humans like us," I answered Nicole.

As we interacted with the residents, Nicole realized that our tour guides were nowhere to be seen. It was getting late, and we had to return to a town where my parents paid for accommodation. Nonetheless, we could not board the ship since the tour guides were the only people who could sail. Everyone was panicking, especially that it was getting late and about to rain. Since it was getting late, people had started moving to their homes. About twenty minutes later it started raining. Besides thunder, intermingled sounds filled the island. We could hear the neighing of horses in the far end of the sea, and shouts of warriors that protected the community. That is when we realized that the warriors of Victoria Island were consulting their gods in the waters in preparation for a battle with their counterparts from a neighboring island. In other words, the fight which had been going on between the warriors was about to start.

A few minutes later, we could hear the sounds of machine-gun fire and cannons from a distance. However, we kept encouraging Nicole and the other young siblings that the tour guides were on their way to assist us. From a distance, we could see disorderly groups at the further end of the island, but they were heading to the north. The warriors, in this case, were in preparation for a fight with their enemies. By good luck, my father spotted a woman carrying a basket of fish. She looked friendly and willing to offer us support on the island. After a lengthy interaction with the lady, she disclosed to us that she was a spy.

"I will assist you because you are visitors in our land," she said.

"Please notify the warriors of our presence. The people in this land are our friends," My father requested.

"My work is to spy. I walk around the whole night and commutate with the warriors."

"I pretend to be a foreigner. No one can harm me because I am an old woman," She continued.

Nonetheless, hurricanes of sand spiraling upwards from the place where the warriors held their training obscured our sight. We heard loud cries of people chanting "the gods of Victoria people." The woman told us that those were the battle cries of regiments, battalions, and bayonet to bayonet people safeguarding the community from external attacks. From the edge of the sea, there were whistling bullets that left us in deep thoughts imagining what would happen. The woman consulted the warriors and even requested them to assist us in crossing the sea. Upon their arrival, the army explained to us about the mighty waters of Victoria. It is a section of the sea where the community believes to be a home of their gods. They further explained that anyone except the enemy of the society could use this point to cross the sea safely. Precisely, an enemy would not come close to the mighty waters, which has the blessings of the Victoria gods.

As the warriors sailed us through the sea, we realized that the surface of the water was darkening. There was a stench of human corpses in the waters filled to the brim. In this regard, the warriors explained to us that those were the bodies of the enemies of Victoria people who tried to cross the mighty waters to execute their evil intentions against the community. Some who were still alive were shouting, screaming, and crying for help, but they had no choice since they were destined for death. Thirty minutes later, we were on the land where we thanked the warriors for their support.

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