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Who doesn’t enjoy an hour or two of mindless wandering across the mystical lands or an occasional bout of Candy Crush? Since their inception in the 1970s, consumer video games have become an integral part of our lives. For some, gaming is nothing more than a way to destress and get away from everyday troubles, while for others, it’s a lucrative career path and a way to worldwide recognition. So when a professor gives you a free choice of the essay topic, why not write about something you know and love? After all, there are plenty of interesting angles you can cover.

Let’s get the dull idea of describing the connection between video games and violence out of the way first. Sure, it’s a well-researched area with plenty of data, but it’s also an exceedingly nearsighted and narrow-minded view of the issue. After all, on-screen violence is not the only factor affecting the players. Dopamine production causes addiction and could lead to gambling problems, especially when introduced in early childhood. And the post-sale monetization strategies can lead to irresponsible financial behavior, resulting in debt, poverty, homelessness, and aggression. Analyzing this complicated relationship between the games and the human brain chemistry is more exciting than restating the same old facts about gaming and shootings.

Another exciting angle to consider is the beneficial effects of gaming. For example, you can cite recent studies that connect video games to mental condition treatments. Gaming has also been shown to decrease stress levels, combat depression, and a variety of other emotional and psychological issues. With the data collected throughout the pandemic, your essay will be fresh and relevant.

If you’re not a fan of traditional casual or shooter games, turn your attention to educational and serious games. Not only are they used for training professionals, like pilots, but they are also transforming the educational methods used in the US and globally. Gamification is entering the classrooms and helping teachers engage students, provide individualized learning paths, and make the school experience better for everyone involved.

You can also write video games essays for your Business class. In 2020, the gaming industry’s revenue exceeded $159 billion, which is four times as much as the film industry made. You can research the revenue distribution across software, hardware, and services to get a better idea of the top-performing products. You can also review the upsale strategies used within the games and the ways other businesses can adopt this approach to boost profits. You can even turn it into a case study by using a strategy used by a popular game recreated by another business.

Diversity is another issue worth researching when writing about video games, and it would be an excellent opportunity for a Sociology or a Gender Studies class. After all, while the number of players is slightly skewed towards the males, the representation of women at electronic sports events and inside the boardrooms is still sorely disproportionate. In addition, people of color and LGBTQ representatives have also suffered discrimination within the gaming industry, which is another solid research avenue for an informative or argumentative paper.

Check out the samples collection to glean more ideas for your assignment and use top-grade structures, theses, and sources. Remember, these are examples, not original works you could submit for grading.

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