How is the Corona Virus Affecting Our Daily Lives? - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-05-01
How is the Corona Virus Affecting Our Daily Lives? - Essay Sample
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Close to three months ago, reports emerged that in the central city of Wuhan, China, a cluster of pneumonia cases could be due to a new type of Corona Virus. At the same time, the World Health Organization acknowledged the outbreak saying it was still assessing the extent of the virus which reportedly had not spread outside Wuhan. Since then, the situation has changed drastically with over 350,000 cases and 8,000 deaths being reported around the world. The WHO has officially declared the virus a pandemic. Scientifically, the virus is known as COVID-19. The declaration has resulted in the suspension of the world's biggest sporting, political, and entertainment events. Governments are closing their borders and limiting international travel. In the last three months, our daily lives have been upended as schools have closed down, cities are on lockdown, and most people are now either working or studying from their homes.

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, various organizations such as the WHO and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have continuously advised people on how to stay safe and avoid contracting the deadly virus. Some of the precautionary measures include maintaining our hygiene by ensuring we wash and sanitize our hands regularly for at least 20seconds. While I have always kept my cleanliness, I consider washing of hands frequently to be a waste of water which could be much needed somewhere else. However, this time I am not taking any chances. I wash my hands almost after every activity. I also decided to go a step further in protecting myself by stocking up hygiene products such as hand sanitizers, aerosol disinfectant, and a thermometer to monitor my temperatures. I have also adhered to other precautionary measures that are being communicated to us such as avoiding crowded places, touching other people, especially when greeting, and trying to stay indoors. In light of what happening around the world, it would be disastrous not to heed to such advice. The changes I have made in my life in the several weeks that Corona has continued to disrupt the world has also changed how I perceive myself. My drive for self-preservation is as strong as everybody else's. The realization that the virus could be catastrophic has prompted making adjustments to the way we think, perceive, memorize, and understand things. Interestingly, my friends agree with my perceptions regarding myself.

Corona virus has not only caused us to change our actions but also our behavior. In most cases, people tend to ignore simple advice which is usually meant for their own benefit. For instance, drinking a lot of water is a scientific recommendation that people have always disregarded. However, when scientists started recommending the same to combat the spread of the virus, people are taking the advice seriously. I did not perceive the pandemic to be a serious issue and would naturally overlook the advice from the health bodies. However, when the number of deaths started escalating in China and Italy, I started adjusting my behavior accordingly. Am also closely following the news regarding the virus. Because the spread and response to the virus have made my physical and social environments fluid as I operate without reliable patterns, my thinking and planning about how to navigate the world no longer depends on automatic behaviors. As such, decision making has adapted based on my individual and contextual characteristics such as movement restrictions, framing and integrating new information regarding the pandemic.

The CDC and other health professionals have maintained that COVID-19 can be transmitted through touching surfaces or people infected with the virus, and then touching their faces. During one-on-one conversations, people may absent-mindedly touch, thereby spreading the virus. While I have limited my movements and avoided gatherings, when I happen to be in a group of people, I choose to be a distance away to prevent accidental touches. Additionally, I am using more nonverbal communication than am used to. For example, I have decided to avoid most traditional greetings such as handshakes and hugging. Am practising more safe forms of greetings such as waving. In a time like this, it is also important to keep touch with friends and family, especially those who are away to make sure they are safe. Most of the communication with friends is through various media such as phone calls and text messages.

Nonetheless, the interactions I have had with my friends have revealed my cognitive abilities. For instance, talking to a child about the virus could be a challenge as they have all kinds of questions. However, I was able to effectively communicate with a child about the pandemic through being developmentally appropriate. Additionally, I would take cues from the child by inviting him to tell me anything they have heard about the virus. During my explanations, my goal was to avoid creating frightening fantasies for the child. I would conclude that my communication skills are practical as I offered the child factual, age-appropriate information regarding the potential seriousness of the pandemic and teaching him possible preventive measures.

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