Article Review Essay Sample: Effect of Violent Media on Kid's Development

Published: 2022-09-26
Article Review Essay Sample: Effect of Violent Media on Kid's Development
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Parent, guardians, and teacher over generations have emphasized to children to avoid fights and violence by all means. Arguing out about violent media on kids has evolved around, where every person has their personal view. Most have been preaching tolerance and cooperation in order to dissolve this issue involving violent media on children. Although all available lessons on this argument have an impact, alternative way to approach it are there. Jones in his essay argues that creative violence in media helps children to master the art of managing their rages.

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When media violence is used constructively it can result in an alternate way of growth in children powering them through adolescence period. Children can escape harsh reality by expressing themselves through writing and reading on violence stories. To effectively support these argument Jones had to formulate two tactics. First, he detailed about his history and background with violence in media to ensure he is credible. He went ahead to involve his technique in rejoinder to express his argument credibility.

Jones proved to be a competent and devoted person in sourcing violence in media matter. This is brought out in his essay when he discussed her past interaction with media violence. He commences by mention his career involvement with comics books as a writer. (Tasha, pp, 194-200) Jones narrated his three-year-long interaction with psychologist working with urban teens. During this period Jones was able to unleash his potential in using violent media for good. His power play program would help children to become self-aware, self-knowledge and sense of heroism in combative storytelling.

He uses rebuttal to further contribute to the community that manifests in front of him. According to Jones, he argues that many psychologists argued that reading or watching violent stories breeds to on becoming more violent. This was from some recent shooting in Columbine. He acknowledges that their points were valid. But he refutes there point as not true because if you considered the number of people who benefited was more as compared to the once affected negatively. Jones simple try to argue that if people can try to channel violent media into something positive has more empowerment to the child development need.

The essay objective is contributed by rebuttal. Basing on this jones did impressive research and analysis to well recognize and oppose people viewpoints on how they view violent media. Jones tires to support is thesis using pathos. He tries to reach out to the youths who felt vulnerable. He states that when one is young, the feel weak and powerless. But if they can engage their minds with comic stories they can something to relate to in life. (Patrick M, pp, 667-670) Jones also uses logos a way of trying to make his point clearer and elaborate. This is done when Jones give two example of these girls who have a difficult time and found a way they could avoid it. An example he gives involves a girl by the name Emily who parent had divorced violent fantasies were her main problem. She acted aggressively because she didn't have a real outlet. But at the end of Emily can remain strong and still was able to control her public life with other people. she eventually ended up becoming the student leader.

In conclusion, Jones uses ethos a way to bringing credibility to his argument. He also uses the logo to try to present his argument visually and finally introduces pathos which brings out the emotional connection to the work make his argument concrete and hence he can bring out the thesis of rebuttal.

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