Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example

Published: 2017-11-01
Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example
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US Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump has of late been courting a lot of controversy with his remarks and utterances. These remarks are made during the campaign trail in preparation for the American presidential elections scheduled for November this year. One of the promises Trump has made if elected is that he will give back what white, working-class Americans feel they have lost. This promise has elicited a lot of emotional reaction to people of all races.

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Mr. Trump is always saying that he will return America to the great nation that he thinks it was in the past, reversing what he refers to as a decline of the country. He wants his supporters to think that the changes that modern America has gone through have sidelined them both economically and culturally. Although he does not state it directly, what he is saying is that the past suited American when most of the employment opportunities were for blue-collar jobs, and a vast majority of workers were white. This appears to be the message he is sending to white, working class voters in an attempt to convince them to vote for him.

As a politician, Donald Trump may be adopting a political strategy aimed at winning over the white community that makes up a majority of voters. However, by doing this, he is eliciting strong emotions amongst non-whites and other minority communities in the United States. While most Americas may not buy it, they will definitely poke holes into his theory. People are interested in someone with a vision for the future, not going back in time.

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