Free Essay Sample on Frans-Peter Schubert

Published: 2018-01-17
Free Essay Sample on Frans-Peter Schubert
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Frans-Peter Schubert gets construed as one of the first Romantics and the last composer of classics. He was born on 31st January 1797 in Austria at a place known as Himmelpfortgrund. He is amongst the few personalities who gained musical education and his works of the composition achieved fame and acknowledgment (Muller et al. 2). Therefore, the paper purposefully focuses on three areas. The first area is the thesis statement of the topic, the second area answers the importance of the subject and lastly, the third area discusses the interesting and unique thing about the composer.

The first focus of the paper gets tackled entirely in the introductory paragraph as it seeks to explain its objective. The second issue was on the importance of the topic. The issue is important because it attempts to discuss the epitome genius brain that passed without being appreciated or even recognized. At the time of his existence, his works and music got treasured by a group of his allies and connoisseurs who would come together to listen to him perform (Ruppert and Frank 3). Most of his works came to light towards the mid-20th century and got recognized as one of the leading music personalities in history.

On the third focus of the paper, there is a list of interesting or unique things about Frans Peter Schubert. One of the interesting things about him got pegged on his level of intellectualism. He was the top student in his class during his schooling days. He was also documented to have begun his violin training from his father when he was still a minor of only eight years old and was considerably doing better than his older colleagues. Another interesting thing about the music personality is on his level of understanding of musical concepts. He was quick on understanding taught content and became better than those teaching him. The evidence to the former got described in the event where he outstripped his brother Ignaz on pianoforte concepts from whom he received teachings on the pianoforte (Schubert, Franz and Joseph 4). He is also known for his state of being harmonious, a virtue that uniquely distinguished him from other students in the classroom. His teacher Hozler appreciated him for that every time.

Unlike other musical composers or songwriters, Schubert composed his first piano at the age of the thirteen. The composition got referred to as "Fantasia." His song followed a year later with the title of "Lament of Hagar." The aspects depict how he uniquely painted his prowess at an early stage and left many people in awe. The songwriter's songs hoped into words of praise in 1819 when he was involved in writing a song entitled Goethe (Schubert, Franz and Joseph 5). Most of the interesting things about the personality discussed were somewhat unusual because they ranged from the high level of intellectualism and understanding to significant achievements.


In summary, Frans Peter Schubert garnered much significance through his works of songwriting and composition during the mid-19th century due to the developments of contemporary culture in Germany. He also got regarded as a greater personality of the time due to the realization of the vitality of his deeds. Even though he was not appreciated and recognized while still alive, his works still live to date and are appreciated globally.

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