Free Essay Example on Fighting in Schools

Published: 2017-11-28
Free Essay Example on Fighting in Schools
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The cases of physical attack among students have been on the rise over the past years. The increase in the number if the cases have compromised the safety of children in schools and this has left the question about the security of children in school. It has also been a source of fear to the students because the attacks end up affecting them in one way or the other. The students who are involved in the fights in the most case face suspension or expulsion from the institutions, and this is the reason many of them fear to take part in the fights. Although the reasons for fighting are many, in most cases students involved in fights as a result of small arguments that are simple to be solved.

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For my case, it is a complicated one given that I have lost a lot after I was involved in a fight. I am a 15-year-old female student and an athlete. I was participating in a school fight last year. This was when I decided to jump into an ongoing fight and at the end the school administration concluded that I was among the fight participants. Consequently, I lost the chance to take part in sports during the current year. I was also placed on an administrative probation period, and I also forfeited my place that I earned on the Varsity leading as a sophomore. To me, these consequences are a lot, and I cannot imagine how I am going to go through the year with all these activities that I am used to. According to the School Code of Conduct, although fighting without injury is regarded as a minor offense, it is a must for legal actions to be taken so that there are no similar cases in the future. Through this essay, I will discuss the legal implications that the charge carries, how the charges have affected me, my family and the lesson that I have learned through this incident.

As school fight increases, students have the increasing chances to face the legal prosecutions for these behaviors. The legal prosecutors have taken charge to deal with the students as a result of injuries that many students have encountered. The impacts of school fights can no longer be dealt by the school principles and detention, due to the introduction of legal implication over the past decade. According to the new school conduct system, we could have been arrested and prosecuted due to our actions in the school. We are not allowed to fight and the legal system now has the permission to arrest and punish students for misbehaving. For instance, during the fight, the police had the right to intervene and arrest us and then charge us with disorderly conduct. This is a serious charge and may lead to expulsion and suspension from the school. In this sense, despite the harsh judgment, I believe the administration gave us a chance not to face the law, and this has been helpful to us in one way or the other.

Ever since I was young, becoming an international athlete has been my prayer. I have always remained committed to my career as an athlete making sure I am doing everything the right way. Practicing is my primary activity during morning hours and in the evening, and this has been of great help on my part as it has enabled me to strengthen my skills in running, and this means a lot to me. However, due to the recent fight, where I was placed on probation, this is one of the worst things that have ever happened in my life. I feel like everything is going down the drain, and I am also losing direction in my life. It is my career, and I spend most of the time building it only to be destroyed by something that I did not participate in it fully. I also feel that the school was not fair to mention me as a participant given the fact that I was only defending the fight.

According to the conduct rule, I was placed on probation since there was no major injury, but in the cases where the damage was significant, I could have been suspended. However, being suspended does not imply that I am not affected, this is killing me inside. It is like everything is against me and I am no longer the same person. No one understands the pain I am enduring, but the fact that I do not an option, the best I can do is to ensure my probation term is over. I am not sure if I will regain my strength and win the trust of my fans anymore? This thought scares the hell out of me since do not what do, and whom can I learn on. It has impacted the relationship I had with my fellow students especially those who were fighting as I feel they have contributed a lot to my problems. Not forgetting my teachers especially those who charged me and imposed the punishment on me.

On the other hand, my family is distressed, and despite my explanations on what happened, my mother is the only person who believes me. My dad has invested a lot in my career, and the fact that I cannot take part in the games is stressing him. At first, he was angry with me, but after my mother had explained to him how much I needed them, my day softened and at the moment he is trying to support me. He also took a step of confronting the administration as to why they placed me on probation when it was not entirely my fault, but they ended up giving their common reasons. My mother, on the other hand, she has been encouraging and advising me to forget about the incidence and focus on my career as that is not the end of things. She believed I am a great athlete and nothing will stop me from attaining, the only thing is to remain focused on my goal. My mother hates the school administration as she feels the charges were not fair on my side, and one question she continues to as, should others watch as fighting students kill themselves? It is wrong to stop a fight, and if so where were the teachers to stop the fight? My daughter only felt that it was good to stop these individuals from fighting as they could hurt one another.

The most important thing that I should consider is what the fight teaches. It is common to see people fight and we have just taken this for granted, without knowing the impacts that fighting may have. Through the fight, I have understood the importance of school conduct policy. This is one of the important documents that all students must always adhere to and ensure that we follow all the rules. By going through the document, we have a chance to avoid trouble with the administration. Students believe that fighting is the only way to solve issues, but I have noticed that it is not okay for us to take actions in our hands and we should always seek guidance in case of any problems. Also, it is good things to separate those who are fighting, however, in other situations make sure you do not become one of the fighters. Thus, the only way to avoid yourself fem being caught in such a situation is informing the administration immediately the fight starts.

As for my case, I was innocent, and I believe I was charged unfairly, but I cannot keep on defending myself forever. The best way to deal with my issue is to face the charges and ensure that I make the changes at the end of this judgment. I am sure I will be able to change a lot and this information will also help other students who do not know the severity of school fighting cases. It is perfect for me to learn the lesson, and next time when I see a fight taking place, the one thing I will do is to run and inform the teachers. However, I hope this does not affect my career forever and that after probation, I will maintain my skills and reputation as an athlete.


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