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As competition grows more cutthroat across offline and online markets, businesses become more aware of the impact PR has on their reputation, customer loyalty, and revenue. So whether you’re a Business or a Marketing major, you may encounter a public relations essay assignment sooner or later. Unfortunately, finding reliable sources of PR information can be tricky, as most online publications are either biased or lack the required credentials to be considered trustworthy.

As a result, at the earliest stages of working on your essay about public relations, you can get hopelessly stuck. To help you accelerate the research and outlining steps of your prewriting routine, we’ve collected dozens of sample works. Each public relations essay example was lovingly crafted by your fellow student and uploaded to help you. 

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Luckily, there are dozens of PR, advertising, and marketing experts on our payroll, so it’s easy for us to find the perfect match for your assignment. Just take a look at some of the popular essay topics on public relations our experts handle daily:

  1. Establishing the core roles for a public relations team within a business structure
  2. Public relations campaign for a new product
  3. Successful strategies for overcoming a public relations crisis
  4. Integrating advertising into the public relations strategy
  5. Public relation management revision notes
  6. The business challenges of the online reputation management age
  7. Analyzing the differences in public relations management strategies in the US and the UK
  8. Public relation analysis of metro trains: dumb ways to die
  9. The impact of poor international public relations management on business revenue
  10. The effects of targeting and messaging on the effectiveness of public relations campaigns

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