Art and Environment Course Wrap - Paper Example

Published: 2023-01-22
Art and Environment Course Wrap - Paper Example
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There is much that I have learned from the entire course in terms of general art and its relation to the environment. I can now say that I have personal and professional involvement in art and am also aware of the impacts of the artworks on individuals and communities both locally and globally. The types of arts learned in the course are such as paintings, photographs, films, theatre, literature, dance and music among others. The complex relationships of the natural and human environments have been easy to comprehend with the present day learning that clarifies the same in terms of the geography/landscape, chronology/history, cultural and personal memory, and visual communication/art history.

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The information that I have gained al through the course has raised more questions than I had expected. Creativity in art plays a big role in designing the kind of environment that human society is happy to stay. Throughout history, art's role in the environment is the recording and reflection of the state of human society. Some of the questions that I have answered on my own include the reason why creativity in art and its relation to the environment has involved one putting their art and soul into it. Learning has not been easy but I have come to realize that one needs to let their mind flow freely so that they witness the results of their actions.

On the part of art relationship with geography and landscape, the implication from the course is that they represent transformations that conceptualize the world. Art is said to be part of the practice of dwelling on earth. The most creative thing about the complex relationship between the two is the engagement of maps to mark specific landscapes. It is creative how one can make use of these maps to find their routes between states which has been important in erasing the political borders hence enhancing mobility. The relationship presented has helped to answer the question on the greatest accomplishments that are associated with creative works and their applications in daily life.

The part of art and the relation with history has also been interesting to study. The museums have been the best storages of famous arts done in the early years. It is actually not interesting to only read past events. However, the incorporation of art in history has been of great help in understanding concepts from the perspective of the artists. Seeing the art made by people that actually lived in that time when one thinks about it and tries to recreate a work, one gets a more in-depth comprehension of that time and what the people were going through. One gest to see the context and personally experience the connection with the early days.

History context in art has played the purpose of adding particular attention to critical looking, building the core skills and also the analysis of how the visual and physical qualities of objects such as buildings and images can be used to communicate. The course has helped to study the architecture of cultures in the world across millennia and aesthetic purposes. The point of interest of the art and history study that came to my attention is the importance of art history in giving the exposure to humanities subjects and the conclusions drawn with critical evaluation of different artworks.

On cultural and personal memory, art is critical in being a piece of remembrance to future generations. The meaning of culture as taught in the course is that it is the totality of behavior patterns that are transmitted socially. Culture is thus inclusive of arts, beliefs, and other products of human work and also thoughts. Art is, in this case, a critical means of expressions developed by human beings. Art has an influence on society through the change of opinions, instilling appropriate values and also the translation of experiences across space and time. Thus, art helps to preserve a culture which is passed on to other members of the society and it is also a vehicle for social change hence the notion of personal memory of the involved members.

The relationship between art and visual communication is that art expresses the creative skills and imaginations of human beings. Art communicates ideas and opinions without relying on words. It can be used to express a range of things such as political ideas, reinforcing religion and conveying personal thoughts as well and the communication can bet through symbols or allegory. The visual design is a creative process which combines arts and technology to transcend mere words and pictures. It is interesting how one incorporates the visual art communication creativity for the viewers to approve of their work.

The course has helped me in my understanding of the various relationships and how to go about the process of art-making. All learning has been well facilitated with the best materials for research at hand to enhance the entire process.

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