Free Essay on Community Development Process

Published: 2023-02-21
Free Essay on Community Development Process
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Public participation is the process by which public organizations consult affected individuals or interests, organizations, and entities from the government before decision-making. It is based on beliefs that individuals affected by decision-making have a right to be involved. Public participation operates in two ways in communication and collaborating in solving the problems. It helps a community achieve its goals better after making acceptable decisions (Creighton & Creighton, I., 2008). Engaging the community is dimensional to public participation. Community engagement involves the involvement of strategies, actions, values of mutual respect for authentic partnership. It requires flexibility in goals pursuing, equality in maintenance, power-sharing, methods, needs, and priorities that fit in framed time. The participation of the public is essential in communities. Efforts are made locally and foreign to make sure that the community participates in decision-making.

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Public participation becomes active when all participants listen to other's opinions instead of raising their positions and interests. It becomes successful when it is well planned, has sufficient resources, and competently staffed. The participation of the public requires significant decisions that are essential. The public is involved in actions like issues related to water, allocation and water quality, and management of stream banks. This is public is directly affected by such problems. Therefore, it does not become a question of whether to have public participation rather than designing how to yield and process more benefits.

Importance of carrying out public participation includes offering mutual education process for everyone involved and yielding of behavioral change, building, and strengthening of relationships through communication. Supporting decisions that may help the community even if they are hard, and lastly, it encourages civic education and responsibilities in the community in meaningful ways. However, there are different local efforts that different communities participate in. Some include consensus building, voting, adoption of climate change, and dealing with the risk of flooding. The issue is community was traditionally exposed to a high level of flood risk due to changes in climate solution of dealing with floods associated with both the public and society. The community did not resist in involving itself in the public participation since it cooperated in installing waterproof Kockengen, and making water square tile (Lake, 2017). It was active public participation because the community was freed from flood risks.

In conclusion, my community has made improvements to the land since they constructed landscapes. These constructions have made the lands to appreciate at a price. The property is taken care of, and its fertility increases. This makes the capital of the nation to expand. The problem is that homeowners do not get much support from the government with landscaping deductions. It is unless the owner has a large farm that he wants to turn into a forest. Therefore, for business owners, it improves and adds value to their properties.


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