Has the Equality of the Sexes Created a Better Society? Our Free Essay Answers

Published: 2022-06-07
Has the Equality of the Sexes Created a Better Society? Our Free Essay Answers
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The men and women inclusion in all areas of the society has been a controversial issue in the modern society. Currently, we live in a world full of the diverse group of people, with an inclusion of all sexes; male and female. The female gender who have been in the broader lens on fighting for equality in the society have yielded tremendous results in ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all gender which has been transformative in the community (Freedman, Rosa, & Aoife Odonoghue 2018). It is plausible that current society has made inclusion and equality of all sexes in all aspects and areas of the nation which has contributed significantly to the growth, improvement, and progress of the entire community. It is evident that the modern society has made a milestone in reassigning the stereotype women from traditional roles to ensuring equality in all positions and responsibilities without discrimination. This forms the thesis of this paper whose primary aim is to look into the impact of balance of sexes evaluating whether it has created a better society through the various men and women positions in the nation.

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Equality of sexes promotes peace and stability in the society. Gender equality ensures there are peace and security in the community by guaranteed equal rights and privileges to all. Every nation that promotes balance in sexes enjoyed a moment of peace by reduction and minimized collision between different concerned parties and the authorities. It is evident on happens to the societies where gender and sex discrimination is practiced (Islam & Mahmuda 2009). As a result of the affected parties feeling that they are undermined, the society frequented by boycotts, demonstrations and civil disobedience as they attempt to seek justice. It would never be the wish of any organization considering the adverse effects associated with such scenario where the areas get charred and destroyed. These are the following results to any society that does not adhere to gender equality. In contrast to a culture that promotes gender equality, it has less to worry in regards to the internal pressure created as a result of sex inequality thus guaranteed a period of inner peace and unity. This yields to the prosperity of the nation as neither women nor men can do without each other in r4egards to creating a sustainable world.

Gender equality has created a better society by ensuring equal opportunity to all sex. Unlike in the past, there has been equal opportunity created to all in the society which has made the society improve from a culture-based community to technology based. This ranges to a variety of social and economic opportunities that has been opened, especially to the people considered as vulnerable. In contrast to the traditional society, the current society is advancing by provision of equal education opportunities to all including male and female (Eliou & Marie 1987, pp. 62). Children of all gender are being given every chance to succeed and improve the community through education. Similarly, all sexes are getting equal employment opportunities, especially the women. The women's place is not only in the kitchen but also doing what a man can do and at times better. Extensively, there has been a shift of roles, which is proving that all people are talented differently. This is evident through the successful male chefs who are famous for preparing finger-licking delicacies. Furthermore, women are also taking up jobs that were otherwise considered as masculine jobs such as military jobs, machine operation as well as artisan jobs proving that all gender is equal. This therefore plays a pivotal role in ensuring the society has enough human resources and labor supply which improves the society through production.

The society benefits in a boost of the economic growth by implementing equality of sexes. An investigation was done in regards to the relationship between gender equality, and the economic growth of the society showed that there exists a correlation between the inclusive and sustainable growth of the economy and the balance of sexes (Braunstein & Elissa 2011, pp. 59). This is because when there is an inequality of any gender, the economic opportunities are limited which adversely affects the entire national economy. Equality in sexes ensures a balanced improved living standard to all people since there is no discrimination in job opportunities as well as business ventures. Extensively, a balance of gender translates more fertility thus more labor to the production sector of the society which facilitates the economic growth of the nation. Equality in sexes also promotes and encourages all people to invest and venture into different business activities, provided they are legal. With all people engaging in business activities and transactions of their choice regardless of age and gender, they contribute significantly to the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) of the society. They also provide revenue for the government through the taxes imposed on the various economic activities. The revenue collected gets back to the community by offering unique and improved amenities to the people.

A society where equality in sexes exists produces better thinking and decision making. Such accurate decision making is facilitated by the diversity of opinions collected from all people without discrimination. Studies have proved that diversity and inclusion of all sexes can yield to very successful and accurate reaching of solutions to situations that were otherwise thought as complex (Darwall & Stephen 2017). Similarly, gender equality ensures a reduction of making significant errors as a result of facilitating inclusion and making everyone's opinion count. Equality of gender in the society promotes unity by encouraging teamwork building; thus the nation can face tough and challenging moments in Unisom. By helping diversity, gender balance and equality facilitates appreciation of all people considering them to be active and viable for any position that requires judgment. The uniformity of sexes, therefore, helps the people to actively shun all the evils and malpractices such as rape, sodomy, and assault that maybe have been done in a society with gender inequality, creating a better community.

For any society to succeed and progress, equality in sexes is vital. It plays a significant role in its anchorage thus enables the boosting of the economy, the creation of equal opportunities, ethical and wise decision making and political stability in the society. To ensure the organization continues to improve, the attitude of all people must change towards equality in gender, by recognizing all including the women (Fine-Davis & Margret 2016, pp.43). It is essential to take note that about half of the world population is comprised of the female gender, which increases the potential of utility as the human resource if gender equality is practiced. On the other hand, gender inequality may result in social progress that is stagnated, promoting poverty as well as rendering the men and women with no access to work, food, education, and healthcare.


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