Free Essay Sample on the Principle of Common Good

Published: 2019-08-28
Free Essay Sample on the Principle of Common Good
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From the film, I chose the aspect of The principle of common good. The common good allows an individual to reach their full human potential and to realize their human dignity. The reason for choosing the principle of common good is because the world that we live in is full of selfish people who are not ready to help other as they only think of themselves and how they can benefit. People at times do not even consider others feelings, and they tend to ensure that they even feel better or achieve more even if it means at the expense of others. For example the rich may contribute a lot to environmental degradation since their consumption foot print is high, this will affect the poor as they depend mostly on the environment for their survival if everyone applied the principle of the common good there will be increased environmental stewardship and a clean and health environment.

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My positive message from the principle of common good is that people should always be ready to do well and help those in need despite how helpless the situation feels. Most people are always ready to protect their interest without minding others, but by adopting the principle it can be easier to care for others and do things that are not likely to hurt them.

The principal, teachers, parents and students were not willing to help the young boy who did not understand class work and performed poorly. They viewed the situation as desperate, and other students even ridiculed him, and they were not ready to share in his problems or even help him out. The young girl who had the perception that everyone would do better given a chance helped the boy to improve his performance, and this shows that the girl was working with a selfless motive, and she was ready to help even though it meant going against the will of everyone in school and even in the whole society.

I would like the society to be selfless and help those people who are in need instead of ridiculing them and making them feel as if they are not worthy in the society. They should learn that everyone has a weakness but if given a second chance they are bound to do better. Discrimination and stigmatization to the people who have a weakness in the society should be a thing of the past as most that made it to the top were given a second chance without ridicule and with increased love. People should increase love in them so that they are can love others and be selfless. By doing this, the whole society will be happy, and those who once felt as if they were neglected will feel at peace with themselves and others.

The most important point that I would like to make about the issue is that it is important to respect each and every individuals right. Through respecting the rights of people, it will not be easy to make the other person feel bad or less a human being. If the society respects the rights of every individual, there will be increased productivity as everyone will feel that they have a role to play in the society. In the society, people should not be treated differently due to their capabilities or in-capabilities as this is like going against the rights of some people.

No person should be made to feel better at the expense of another; this is because the person whose rights are infringed may suffer at the expense of the whole society and this is a wrong point of view about the life that we live. Human dignity is very crucial as people need to feel important and their self-worth increases which in return increases their performance. It is wrong to ridicule a person because of their incapability, but it is important to major on their strengths which will help them to boost the working and their self-esteem to be better persons that the community wants.

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