Essay Sample: The Treatment Plan

Published: 2022-11-14
Essay Sample: The Treatment Plan
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Your discussion post navigates well and schemes through the analysis of peripheral neuropathy which is a common micro-vascular problem which is led by poor functioning of glycemic control. The review of Tavakoli et al. (2017) concerning the symptoms that might include burning, pricking, sensitivity to touch and impaired sensation is vital and worthwhile. It is also relevant to cover the risk factors concerning the duration of diabetes, alcohol, and vascular complications to patients with blood disorders.

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The analysis of differential diagnosis for peripheral neuropathy enabled you to state and explained spinal tumor, alcohol-induced peripheral neuropathy, and Guillain-Barre syndrome. The three are well associated with peripheral neuropathy. For instance, spinal tumors tend to cut the nerve roots hence causing neural deficits. Muscle weakness, loss of sensation and difficulty in walking is a challenge that needs to be considered. According to Nguyen & Taylor (2018), Guillain-Barre syndrome is also a factor that causes tingling and prickling. It is a crucial differential diagnosis.

Pertinent history can also be analyzed by the study of the prevalence of the tingling and prickling. Besides, the tingling should also be studied to view if it happens on one leg. It could be better if you could list the possible pertinent history that needs to be uncovered about the patient. Alcohol consumption is also a fundamental factor.

According to the physical exam findings, it is clear that the crucial aspects associated with the glucose levels of the patient need to be taken seriously (Bhat, Kirmani, Wanim and Bhat, 2016). Additionally, a thorough neurological study should also be put forth to prevent a further effect of the disorder to the patient. Another factor that needs to be analyzed is electromyography which records electrical activity as a way of detecting nerve damage. Indeed, MRI is a medical progression that offers timely help for blood disorders.

The treatment plan is also a factor to take notes upon. According to your analysis, prescriptions were a fundamental part of the program. There is the need to study lisinopril 20mg PO for daily dosage, Lipitor 40 mg PO for a daily dose, Januvia 50 mg PO daily and Gabantin 600 mg PO which should be taken every night with food. Referrals and follow-ups are also relevant for establishing a platform for preventing hospital readmissions.


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