Cox Simulation and Reflection, Free Essay in Nursing Leadership

Published: 2022-03-15
Cox Simulation and Reflection, Free Essay in Nursing Leadership
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Optimization of patient care only occurs when teamwork is applied in a healthcare unit to share their unique perspectives on patients' care. As a team, we have been working together to ensure that our patients get the best services and outcome as well. Since each member gets into the practice with a different skill set, professional identities, and knowledge, which we collaboratively use to ensure that the required care for patients, is met. We ensure that everyone plays his or her part according to our skill and knowledge we have so that the patients we would serve go through complete treatment steps. Although there are so many barriers to ensuring collaborative teamwork, inter-professional communication is key in enhancing the collaboration. According to the teaching of cox simulation, we used interprofessional communication to pass the correct information concerning the patients we serve (Knippa, Cox, & Makic, 2015). We also used the communication in making decisions together on how to handle a certain issue to ensure that the patient care is optimized. Handoffs needed interprofessional communication, which we ensured to avoid the patient's readmission but ensure they are discharged in good health.

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Professionalism was well utilized during simulation process through the development of skills used in solving problems and other strategic leadership skills (Knippa, Cox, & Makic, 2015). There was also use of interpersonal communication among the team members, which would, in turn strengthen teamwork among participants. In the simulation, Christian care was used when the professor controlled the aspect of the game using simulation's "God control." That would control the students overspending n the simulations although they are good once weekly.

Simulation has enabled me to realize that teamwork especially in my field of work as a health worker is key. It has helped me know that teamwork enhances effective and efficient working thus improving the outcome of the patients. I have learned it is not easy to work alone but the best way is through teamwork that will make work seem more manageable, and they make it easy too (Knippa, Cox, & Makic, 2015). Communication also is key, and in my profession, as a health worker there is no any work done perfectly without inter-personal relations thus communication will help improve patient's outcome (Knippa, Cox, & Makic, 2015). With all that, delegation is possible as simulation practice goes on.

As a student leader, I have several leadership skills. My greatest strength is management. I am a very good manager of time, people, and other resources. During simulation, I would haste my team members so that we are not caught up by the set time for the practice. Also management of the small resources I have that would help me with my members to acquire a bigger item.

Despite having good leadership skills, I have a weakness that is being very poor in listening. I lose attention very fast while communicating with others or when being addressed. Since during the simulation good listening and communication skills are required, I just had to improve and avoid distractions while listening to any member so I would not give the wrong feedback. Apart from avoiding distractions, I would try to be active during the simulation so that I do not miss anything out by actively participating in the simulation session.

Being in a class that performed statecraft simulation, time management is key so that the lecture time is not so much lost (Knippa, Cox, & Makic, 2015). As a team for another simulation, we would do it fast but carefully so that we get enough time for the lecture to avoid failing in exams although the time for statecraft simulation is the best compared to doing a research paper. Since those who did a research paper perfume better than those who did simulate thus, we would improve our time usage and ensure we have enough time remaining for personal study.


Knippa, S., Cox, S., & Makic, M. B. F. (2015). Simulation Improves Nurses' Adherence With Stroke Quality Measures. Journal for nurses in professional development, 31(4), 197-202.

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