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African country profile: Senegal

Senegal is a country with an area of 196,840 square kilometers, interrupting Gambias coast. In the northern part of Senegal, grasslands and desserts are predominant while in the south and southern east, there is a heavier vegetation. All in all, S...
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2017-07-27 10:38:04

James Madison and his Beliefs on the Role of Congress and Separation of Powers

James Madison remains known as the philosopher-statesman years after his presidential reign in the United States. He was an individual who identified the value of compromise, had strong principles, and he combined these with the practical politici...
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2017-08-01 11:23:44

Representative Tree

In every country, one of the major aspects defining it is its leadership. The distribution of power is a hierarchy which begins from the top most position which is the president to the least which is the village or town. Every individual is expect...
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2017-08-07 09:27:55

Gandhi, Selected Political Writings

Gandhi's letter to the Viceroy of India who was Lord Irwin included the heavy taxation on salt which was a significant good for the common man (pg.6). Despite that this tax also affected him personally it also affected several other people who suf...
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2017-08-09 08:12:12

First take

During the 1968 democratic convention, some activists organized a rally that was meant to protest against the system. The people wanted to change how the government operates. They wanted to be involved in the decision-making process such as the in...
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2017-08-13 08:31:29

UAVs and computer politics

Unmanned aerial vehicles, better known UAVs, have been developed, and as such, they promise a new revolution in military, and in the transport and shipment of goods and services. UAVs, popularly known as drones, are an aircraft which do not have a...
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2017-09-03 15:09:52

Principles of Share Governance

In the simplest form, interdisciplinary shared governance can be defined as a shared process of making decision founded on the principles of partnership, accountability, equity and ownership. This model of management process allow member of vari...
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2017-09-09 11:05:11

Democratizing the Policy Process

Democracy has been described as a rule of the people by the people, a situation where all the parties involved must come to an agreement. A democratic policy making process among more than one party cannot be reached without compromise because ult...
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2017-10-31 09:43:13

Essay about Political System

The main focus of this essay about political system will be on the political systems of China, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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2017-12-28 10:32:06

Political Science Essay

Rise of India and China from less developed to rapidly developing economies is arguably one of modern days biggest success stories.
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2018-01-18 11:14:29