Free Essay on Louis Farrakhan and the American Jews

Published: 2018-10-23
Free Essay on Louis Farrakhan and the American Jews
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Louis Farrakhan and the American Jews

Louis Farrakhan despised the American Jews and blamed them for multiple allegations. His speeches are full of hate towards the white man which makes him seen as a radical racist. These are not qualities of any leader who claims to be patriotic and supportive of their country. Louis is of the opinion that hating towards the whites in America will bring justice between the various races present in the country. However, I think that this hatred towards the whites especially the Jews brought more divergences and separation between the Islam and the rest of the religions in the U.S. He boldly takes a lucrative step and visits sworn enemies of the U.S. in the Middle East and North Africa. Louis addresses a public rally in Iran, crosses over to Baghdad and meets with Sadam Hussein, before heading to Libya and meeting with Muammar Gadhafi. For such actions, he was required to register as a foreign agent which he denounces citing that he is entitled to his opinion. But the latter cannot be taken to be true considering that he did not visit any countries where peace had been made between Christians and Muslim such as Egypt. The lame excuse that he gives is that he was in fact, reuniting the nation of Islam to the Africans, Middle East, and the Islamic fraternity across the world. He has taken a token of more than a billion dollars from Gadhafi and is seen as a traitor to the U.S. These are actions that clearly put his claims in jeopardy as a politician and religious leader.

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The citation of him being given a chance to appear before the Congress is ridiculous given his short-tempered character. He further blames the U.S. for trying to force the centralized form of government to African states which have brought about serious corruption for example in Nigeria. Bringing civilization to such people cannot be accounted for the rate of corruption in the country. On the one hand, he does not ask himself one question, ‘Why is the U.S. not as corrupt as Nigeria?' Giving citations of the atomic bomb that was dropped in Japan during the World War is not evidence that Americans were evil. Besides the accusations that the U.S. was responsible for blood spills in Japan, he insists that the white man had spoiled the entire world regarding morals. In a rally organized by the Islam Nation, he accuses whites of being murderers, peace breaker, and troublemaker. He still believed in the same years later after giving the speech. These are the wrong qualities of a leader who claims to be devoted to bringing justice and unity for all citizens. Louis further believes in the separation of races as far as people do not reconcile or have agreeable conditions. After the match in Washington, he felt the media had not given him the acclaim he was expecting. The claims that people want to assassinate him were outrageous. Those in government were involved and wanted to kill him just as they had done with like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He glorified a convicted rapist, Mike Tyson while still proclaiming that rape deserves hanging. Louis dedicated himself in 1955 to the Black Muslim Movement. Despite his utterances of bringing co-existence among the various races, Louis Farrakhan is clearly a leader that current politicians must not emulate.

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