US-China Relations: Reflections on a Gathering Storm - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-30
US-China Relations: Reflections on a Gathering Storm - Essay Sample
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The rapidly increasing tension between the US and China, driven by war and technological competition, is likely to have consequences. It has brought conflict between the two countries. Professor Lampton took a closer look at this matter, specifically on the emerging rivalry, the evolution of forty years of Sino-American engagement from the time Nixon went to Beijing in 1972, and why the attention had weakened by Beijing and Washington to move productively. This paper will provide both summary and critical evaluation.

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Lampton referred to Hong Kong as a poor city where evolution was expected to happen but has experienced political instability and many other problems. Demonstrations in the malls and different places of the town occurred recently. Also, police are trying to bring harmony during these demonstrations. Lampton noted that the country (China) did not welcome the Judicial System in the past, which must have been one of the biggest mistakes. The long history of messed ups left by the country's previous chief executives is still a problem. China is trying to adopt and shape up civic education to recover and has aroused anxiety among the citizens.

Lampton gives an example of a politician who started an investment and used all forces to prove that the politician was right to compare with China's situation. He also noted that china sets a joint decoration and fundamental law to form an agreement. The agreement promises a high degree of economic and universal suffrage after 2015. However, despite this agreement, specifications are not made to implement and achieve these goals.

Massive demonstrations, known as the Umbrella Movement, existed between 2014 and 2015, which rejected what was said before, claiming that it is no longer efficient. These consequences followed the series of messed ups by the previous chief executives. According to Lampton, Hong Kong also had unequally distributed growth where eighty percent to ninety percent benefited. Still, a significant number of these people concentrated on one society. Many people in this city are jobless and could not afford to house, and they had a feeling of discrimination. All these resulted from the previous mistakes made by the chief executives.

However, potential options to help this country are limited and may cause more harm than good, as Lampton said. It resulted from the presence of systematic cultural differences and personal perceptions and the actual reality. The systematic cultural differences also affect the negotiations among countries. Lampton says,' currently we have a president who is a maximalist, who wants everything" (Lampton and Kounalakis, 2019). He said that America is a country that shows a lack of satisfaction, of which the Chinese do not welcome. Chinese people value commitment, and they do not rely on President Trump as a necessary commodity. They do not see benefits; for example, in trading, the Chinese are reluctant to negotiate in a deal that they do not have a map of their guy's priorities, as noted by Lampton.

Lampton says that there is research that indicates the convergence in opinion on china among Republicans and Democrats. The country's trade balance is higher than that of Asia, yet there are overreactions on the trade imbalance. Lampton also noted some problems faced by China like demographic problems, environmental problems, and food insecurity. Therefore, he concluded that the security relationship is necessary for restoration and that economics is necessary when dealing with China.

Critical Evaluation

In dealing with existing conflict among the two countries, systematic cultural differences are essential. Perceptions and ignorance should not be the case. The ignorance and perceptions may lead to misunderstandings among different countries. In this case, China should stop relying on the past and adopt possible changes to come out of mistakes made by their previous chief executives. Adopting a judicial system and coming up with agreements and laws towards achieving its goals is necessary. The vital part is making sure these agreements and regulations are adhered to and ensure a productive move is maintained.

China should also deal with its problem well; for example, they should improve food security to avoid relying on imports from other countries like America, promoting small- and large-scale farmers in the country and processing their food. Adapting to environmental changes like global warming and climate change is also necessary for the country. Implementing more ways of dealing with resource constraints should be in the plan of improving productivity in China. On the other hand, other countries like America should embrace change and accept differences in culture.


In conclusion, diversity in cultural differences can affect the relationship among different countries. To deal with these conflicts, understanding these differences is crucial. Countries are expected to develop ways to solve problems. To avoid future strains in the country, people need to be responsible for their deeds. Both China and the United States will need to solve their issues and put their interests aside to benefit its citizens. The two countries need to deal with their systematic cultural differences to solve all the conflicts on technology and trade. It is only through solving these problems that the two countries will benefit from each other.


M. Lampton and Markos Kounalakis (2019). World affairs. US-China relations: Reflections on a gathering storm.

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