Exploring Philosophical Positions: Unveiling Political Philosophy, Meta-Ethics, and Critical Theory - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-26
Exploring Philosophical Positions: Unveiling Political Philosophy, Meta-Ethics, and Critical Theory - Essay Sample
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Philosophical positions

Philosophical positions are the various ways that attempt to pursue the account of a certain problem in philosophy. In other terms, they are thoughts on certain matters which people view as either true or false (Burke et al. 64). The importance of philosophical positions is that it helps eliminate ambiguity since individuals tend to view the information they have, compare it with what they already know, and derive a conclusion based on their knowledge. Discussed below are various examples of philosophical positions.

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Political philosophy

Political philosophy, which can also be referred to as a political theory, is a philosophical position that elaborates on politics, justice, liberty, property rights, and laws. Such topics aim to explain the process of law enforcement by the authorities, elaborating on the type of laws and why they are needed, the rights and freedom that the general public has, and the facts that make a government legitimate. In other terms, political theory engages questions that broaden the perspective of any phenomena' political nature, focusing on aspects such as culture, race, religions, ecological relationships, and many more.


This philosophical position questions our understanding, what we know about, and the inner meaning anytime individual talks about what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, Meta-ethical questions are based on a wide range of specific practical questions that needs a specific position on what the answer will be. For instance, seeking to understand the possibility of knowing what is wrong and right is a good meta-ethical question. In a nutshell, this philosophical position aims at exploring the moral thoughts and language of an individual, rather than questioning what is right or wrong, but in a way that elaborates what morality is.

Critical theory

This is the view on social philosophy aims to elaborate the reflective assessments, societal and cultural critiques to reveal and challenge the power system. The argument behind the critical theory is that social problems are more created and influenced by societal structures and assumptions based on culture rather than individual psychological factors. Such assumptions are the main obstacles to human liberation; thus, critical theory aims at liberating human beings from the occurrences that suppress them.

Strengths and weaknesses.

Meta-ethics has its strengths in the idea that it can provide evidence found in nature. Every individual can experience it, thus providing solid guidelines that can be used to handle any situation (Hopster 843). However, even though there is evidence to support a certain claim, the idea might still be termed as illegal in the eyes of the authorities. Having evidence does not guarantee the validity of the act. In short, both the statement and the evidence are subjective, meaning that one can justify something that others think is wrong, but this does not guarantee that it is morally right.

Political philosophy emphasizes the elementary questions that are important to help us understand the way life is lived. In as much as political philosophy helps to understand things the way they are, it also provides a guide to action where individuals are equipped with the ability to differentiate between justice and injustice, human kindness and selfishness, thus influencing the ability of humans to make informed decisions. However, this position's weakness is that people may end up being brainwashed to only think in a particular perspective, thus always making a decision that will suit them, without caring for the others.

Critical theory can explore the power structures of any society, thus revealing how issues are handled in such a society. The governing structure of any society determined the problems that society will face. Having a power structure that is aimed at solving communal problems can result in a better community. Thus, critical theory has its strengths in exposing the dark side of a power structure, thus offering the natives a chance to be served better.


From a personal perspective, philosophical positions help in solving different issues in contemporary society. The fact that we have Meta ethical philosophy is a good idea since the position helps develop an informed decision on certain aspects of life, rather than condemning the thoughts towards what is right or wrong. I feel that this is a better stand since what is right to one person might be wrong to another individual; thus, the result would be conflict rather than peace. On the same note, critical theory helps create a united society, but the fact that the power structures are exposed to their corrupt deals; thus can serve the society in a better way. In serving the citizens, political philosophy also justifies why some of the laws are enacted; thus, the citizens can understand why they are not allowed to do some things. Rather than just enacting a law without informing the general public of its importance or reasons for its enactment, political philosophy will always give a reason for the citizens to smile. Every nation or state experiences political or meta-ethical philosophy situation in its normal dealings.

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