Political Science Essay Example: Bernie for Bernard Sanders

Published: 2019-06-19
Political Science Essay Example: Bernie for Bernard Sanders
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Bernie for Bernard Sanders is a politician and a Democrat as of 2015 was born in the year 1941 in the city of Borough of Brooklyn in New York City where he also obtained Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in the year 1964 the University of Chicago. At the University, he joined the youth associate of the Socialist Party of America, Young People Socialist League and an influential member of civil rights movement as a student organizer for the Congress of Racial Equity and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He participated in the March on Washington for Job and Freedom in 1963. Sanders became third in campaigns for governor for Vermont in 1972 and 1976 and as a candidate for the United States senator in 1972 and 1974. He was elected the mayor of Burlington as an independent candidate and later reelected three times. In 1990, Sanders was elected as a representative of Vermont`s congressional district at large in U.S. He served for 16 years as a congressman before being elected to the United States Senate in 2006.Thus becoming the longest-serving in U.S Congress history and now a presidential candidate of United States in 2016 presidential elections (Jeffreys & Rhodri, 102).

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Bernie Sanders introduced The Rebuilding America Act of 2015 that would invest 0ne trillion dollars in the next five years towards reconstruction and expanding on our infrastructure over the country. Bernie believes that millions of jobs will be created by investing in infrastructure, income, profit, and tax revenue will increase by doing, so and it also lays a groundwork for efficient operation of the country`s economy in the future. He has suggested conservative estimation of about 13 million jobs that are well paying over the five years that will increase spending on average Americans and, therefore, kindle economic growth in other sectors. Efficiency will reduce transport cost that will save the citizens money to buy fuel and time and real infrastructure increases safety thus reducing emergency costs (Tasini, 55).

Sanders said that if the crisis of the global climate change is not addressed as the scientist community is advising that fossils fuel be transformed into a sufficient energy then the planet may not be habitable. Sanders accept that global climate change is the biggest national security threat to the United States. He says that it might not be the most suitable place to leave children or even grandchildren when the global climate change problem is not addressed. He has therefore come up with a bill named keep it in the ground act whose aim is to stop future production of oil and other fossils fuel on the United States land. He also challenged the president Barrack Obama to decline the proposed extension of Keystone XL pipeline firmly.

Sanders suggests that new economic models be developed to boost the job creation and productivity as an alternative of giving a huge tax break to corporations which ship out jobs to China and other low-wage countries. He says there is a need to provide workers who want to purchase their businesses with assistance by establishing worker-owned cooperatives. The study shows that when workers work in the stores they have ownership stake on, the productivity goes up, and the rate of absenteeism reduces since employees are more satisfied with their jobs. The Senate introduced legislation to help workers who want to start their businesses or to set up worker owned cooperatives. The two bill package was filed on the senate same day Bernie held a conference in Burlington, Vermont with worker owned business representatives (Jeffreys & Rhodri, 108). He said that the government has not done enough for the employee ownership to realize its potential. The fist part of the bill allows the department of labor to provide funding to the state to expand or establish employee ownership centers where technical support and training concerning employee ownership or participation will be offered in the country. Second part creates employee ownership bank where loans will be provided to allow workers to purchase business through employ stock ownership or a worker owned cooperative.

Bernie promotes trade unions movements encouraging the employees that legislation should be formed so that if they sign a union card supporting a union, they should be able to form the union. He tells workers the benefits of the union saying that they can collectively bargain for the rise in their wages and those who do it as a union have a higher pay and substantially earn more than those on the now- union movements. He says that opposition to union movement makes it difficult for workers to join a union. He disagrees with Gov. Scott Walker`s plan to lower wages, eliminate overtime pay and destroy trade union movements in the united states saying it will only enrich the already wealthy people, and the middle class gets poorer Sanders tell the people that they need a stronger union to fight for their rights and not weak unions.

Sanders have introduced a new legislation raising the federal minimum wage increment to 15 dollars an hour. He said that he supports the fifteen organizations that were pushing for an increase in the national rate for hourly workers to fifteen dollars and that he takes pride in standing with a good job nation. Sanders say that the current federal minimum wage of 7.25 dollars an hour must be raised to a living wage and not a starving wage. Pay workers a living wage act is a bill sponsored by Sanders, and other Capitol Hill lawmakers affirm that no one working full-time should live in poverty. He fights for the workers working forty hours a week with a little pay to be boosted, and the act has taken place in some states and municipalities that prevail over the federal rates (Grover & William, 97).

Sander suggests that women be paid equally as their male counterparts when they do the same work and not the seventy-eight percent as it is done. Bernie mentions that the right wing in the country is waging war against women and makes it clear that it is a war that should not be allowed. For Bernie the country has to keep going forward and not backwards on gender equality issues. Women are to be allowed to make their own decision on many issues concerning their bodies by themselves and their doctors but not by the government. Issues like abortion, planning parenthood, when women did not have a better access to birth control. Bernie promises to fight for women equality, expand and protect the productivity of women, only nominate Supreme Court justices who support Roe. V. Wade and productive right for women. He says know is not the time for women survivors of domestic violence to be denied help, when women have to go through the unsafe abortion and says that the abortion should be legal so women and their doctors are the ones to decide and the law. He says it is a shame that African women earn 64 percent of every dollar a white man makes and 54 percent for Hispanic women and he says he is going to end this wage discrimination on gender as the president. He also talks about paycheck fairness act into law that it should be forwarded and passed and that it is wrong for women working full-time to earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Bernie observes that the country has lost over 60,000 factories and over 4.9 million manufacturing decent jobs. He says that the bad trade policies that shut down American plants and send the citizens to reestablish in low-wage countries must end, and new systems have formed that demand American corporations to create jobs in the country not abroad. He observes that the claims of child labor, environmental concerns, and free trade agreements made by Ross Perot about NAFTA have been proven right severally and become the bane of American workers and small business across the country. The free trade agreement violates American independence (Jeffreys & Rhodri, 110).

Sanders want to make every American, who works hard in high school, go to college by making college tuition free. He says that in a competitive global economy a best-educated workforce is required in the world, and thousands of bright future is destroyed because of the debts the students have in colleges, or some cannot go to college because of lack of money. Sanders suggests that as a president he will change this by making tuition free in public universities and colleges as it used to be in The University of California in the 1980s. He will stop the federal government from making a profit on the student loan. Substantially cut student loan interest rates, allow Americans to refinance student loan at todays low-interest rate and enable students to use need- based financial support and work on the study programs to make college debt free and fully paid for by imposing a tax on Wall Street speculators. He thinks this can work since it has worked in other countries like Germany. The high tuition fee has hindered many students from joining colleges or university making their hard work in high school in vain this has to be stopped (Jeffreys & Rhodri, 102).

Sanders intend to break up the largest financial institutions in the country since they hold assets equivalent to 60% of the nations gross domestic product. He says that the bank system must be part of the productive job-creating economy and also talks about how federal reserve, government entity which serves as the engine of the banking industry must eliminate its internal conflicts of interest, provides stricter oversight and insist that the bankers helps the economy in a way that works for everyone, not just a few he is introducing too big to fail too big to exist act that break up and prohibit any too big to fail instructions banks from accessing the federal reserved discount facilities or using insured deposits for risky activities (Tasini, 75). This institution has acquired too much economic and political power endangering our economy and political process.

Bernie believes that the health is a necessity that every human have a right, to and all should be able to access it regardless of their status. He supports future legislation to control drug costs and tackle fraud in the industry. He supports Medicare for all and exceptional health care will save taxpayers about 500 billion dollars per year including the initial costs to train more doctors and nurses. Bernie has continuously supported the expansion of Medicaid coverage and tried reducing Medicaid funding over the years. He voted for the affordable care act also known as Obamacare, but he believes that it has not done much to improve the medical care in the country. He says that the single-payer system can work since it has worked for other states and It is time for America to put it in practice (Grover & William, 91). He wants to ensure that mental services are available to all Americans despite their income. In our land of surplus, everyone has the right to access to food and education on nutrition regardless of income or mobility, says Bernie on nutrition.

Bernie believes in protecting the vulnerable people like children leaving in poverty by improving their medical care ensuring they also get a good medical service and increasing their social security. He introduced the social security expansion act the bill would increase social security benefits by 65 dollars a month, increase the cost of living adjustments for social security recipients and provide a minimum social security benefits to reduce the senior poverty rate significantly. Sanders will do this by applying the payroll tax to all income over 250,000 dollars that will only impact on1.5 percent of wage earners. Bernie says tha...

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