Free Essay on Politics in Gethen

Published: 2019-04-04
Free Essay on Politics in Gethen
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Political system

There is no descent political system. Le Guins show how the government of Gethen lacks democracy, transparency, discrimination in selecting political officials and lack of co-operation between the different political structures for a common benefit. The essay will elaborate the political concept in Gethen and show what can be done to make a decent political system.

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Ursula K. LeGuins is the author of the book The Left Hand of Darkness which is an anti-political book. The novel covers a story of Genly Ai who travels to a strange planet known as Gethen. Ai's mission in Gethen is to persuade the nations of Gethen to join an alliance. Nevertheless, his journey is difficult because of high political difference in society from Ai's home planet, Earth, and the new world. The book reflects aspects that society should have like human interaction and politics. Politics is an important part of the society in Gethen. The main two countries the author portrays are Orgoreyn and Erhenrang, but both of them differ in their political structure. King Argaven is the only supreme ruler in Erhenrang and also the equivalent of prime minister. Orgoreyn is a society that is ruled by thirty-three commensals. The novel tries to explain what the two governments have in common. The two political structures seem only to have loose authority over their various domains. This essay will seek to explain the politics in Gethen as the author describe it and the themes, symbols, and imagery she uses to elaborate the ideas in the book.

The book concentrates on Genly Ai to show his role to the Gethen politics. His mission is to get the planet of Gethen to join the Ekumen with the other governments meaning they are promoting good politics in Gethen. His work is known as the first mobile he is used as a messenger. The author says' one voice speaks the first to accede to the Ekumen on any world, one person present in the body, present and alone Ursula. To bring about friendship, the author uses Estraven, a secret friend to Ai. In the beginning, he is a Prime Minister of Karhide, but he ends up in exile when the government realizes he is a traitor. Estraven bring the concept of patriotism in the society which he describes as absolute love one has for a country. Argaven the King poses fear in all his leadership and he dislike the idea of perfect politics in Gethen. He objects the advances in the society such as technology because he fears its impacts. Of his character, he is a foil to other characters (Le Guin, 12).

Political structures

The two political structures are in a completion, and neither wants to be overshadowed. They are aware of what is going on in the different government politics; the government only let the public aware of what they want to have known. This means that they only let out what makes them look better other than telling the whole truth and the other look much worse. The truth is very hard to come by these political institutions. Gethesians are not ambitious people. War does not affect politics in Gethen. Violent crime is virtually non-existent and is never discussed. Nevertheless, when a crime does occur, usually treason, the perpetrator is sentenced to exile if they live in Erthenrang or can be sent to a voluntary farm if they are from Orgoreyn. If one is exiled the individual has a degree of time to get out of the country or they can be killed (Le Guin, 39). In additional, anyone who aids them by giving them money is exiled.

In Gethen there is no democracy. People do not elect their readers because the rich are appointed to be political officials. No one is considered lesser or even more qualified for one thing. People are considered to be equal but in politics some individuals make laws and enforce it to the whole society. It is vivid is this novel, the hierarchy of power and money in politics. The rich in Gethesian people the people who make government officials and individuals close to the king. The good thing is that everyone shares what they have. This shows that there is discrimination against poor in the society (Le Guin, 63).

The author, Ursula shows that in Gethen politics in not in terms of capitalism or communism like in the current politics in U.S and Russia. The author concentrates on examining what the two political structures possess in common. Differences and similarities exist between the two political governments for example; Yin Yang is used as a symbol to show the connection between the two nations because it is located at the border. They people of Gethen portray humanity because they are sharing what they have with those without. The people also relate well with their friend and enemies as well. The truth in politics is putting things as they are the government of Gethen lacks transparency was hiding the truth to the people, and they were only making them happy with the hidden truth.

In conclusion, the novel The Left Hand of Darkness displays the truth that there is no single political system that is perfect in the world. The author view is that politics should not be based on capitalism or communism but instead it should promote good live to the citizens. There should be transparency in politics and the government should not hide some critical issues to its citizens. Each political system should find what they have better and exchange with the other political government so that they can mutually benefit and resolve the rivalry between them. Although the author uses Orgoreyn and Karhide the nations represent Russia and potray how imperfect the nations are and how to change this situation between them and at the end the two nations agree to cooperate.

Work Cited

Le Guin, Ursula K. The left hand of darkness. Hachette UK, 2012.

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