Decoding European Politics: Leaders, Laws, and the Road to Somewhere - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-30
Decoding European Politics: Leaders, Laws, and the Road to Somewhere - Essay Sample
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Who is the most important political figure in Europe?

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The most important political figure in Europe is the President of the European Commission. The President of the European Commission is in charge of the European commission that integrates and controls all the member countries of the European Union (Chalmers et al., 2019). The President controls a larger portfolio than other political figures, and the policy of the commission influences the affairs of all member states.

What is the difference between the European Council and the Council of Ministers?

The council of ministers is representatives from member states of the European Union of form policies that guide the operations of the European Union and make decisions on behalf of the council (Chalmers et al., 2019). The European Council is the bod that comprises the heads of state from European Union member states and provides the political direction to the council.

What does (a) “the supremacy” of EU law and (b) “the direct effect” of EU law mean?

The “supremacy” of EU law is the principle that is meant to ensure that the laws of the European Union are more superior to the other laws of the member states to solve the conflicting laws with member states (Chalmers et al., 2019). The “direct effect” of EU law means that the laws made by the European Union are to be implemented and enforced in all member states.

What is the difference between the customs union and the single market?

A single market refers to a form of integration where members of the European Union are allowed to trade by the free movement of goods and services, labor, and capital. Customs union means that there is an area where people are allowed to trade for free, and goods from the external area are charged a tariff (Wallace et al., 2015).

What is the “Monnet method?”

The Monnet method refers to the empowerment of institutions by transferring power to institutions to enable them to perform their functions and solve challenges affecting the people. The government provides other services not provided by institutions such as the security and freedom that they require to perform their functions.

What is the difference between a European regulation and a European directive?

European regulation is the legal action that is enforced in all member states of the EU simultaneously after the laws have been legislated. European directive refers to the directive from the leaders of the EU to member states to achieve an intended result (Chalmers et al., 2019).

What is David Goodhart’s argument in The Road to Somewhere?

David Goodhart’s argument in the road to somewhere is based on the decision of the British people through Brexit to leave the European Union is the majority of the people chooses the direction they want to take, and the minority in power cannot control the majority without their will.

Why does Morgan dismiss as trivial Imperialism in Fourth and Fifth Degrees? Is he right to do so?

Morgan dismisses as trivial Imperialism in Fourth and Fifth Degrees is right because management requires the managers to extend their power in fourth and fifth degrees to allow other people to perform their responsibilities independently. The fourth and fifth degrees allow creativity, which is key to leadership.


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