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Gravity Begins with Aristotle and Ends with Einstein

How can first relative be brought into peaceful co-existence with gravity? In 1907, Einstein had the happiest thought of my life5. This was the germ of the idea that enabled him to bring together special relativity and gravity. It was still a long...
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2017-09-17 09:36:53

Physics Problems

According to the lecture notes, D = 42163112 meters corresponds to T = 86164 seconds. And according to your calculations from the previous homework, D = 42163212 corresponds to T = 86164.3065. The relative errors in the distance D and the T for on...
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2017-11-06 12:07:14

Multiphase Saturated Rock Properties

Until in the recently the data available on capillary entry pressure and permeability properties of fault rocks was little.
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2017-11-16 08:57:31

Why Physics Essay

How television can convert signals into pictures, how a car can move at such high speed to why an object comes down after being projected.
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2018-02-02 10:48:00

Molecular machines research

There is, therefore, the need for scientists to carry out research on the biology and physiology behind the build-up of molecular machines.
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2018-03-06 01:40:37

Ames Room Experiment

According to Gibson, this is called the affordance of the objects. It is also the same concept that is used in the Ames room experiment.
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2018-03-24 11:41:25

Fluid flow meters/tray Hydraulics sample calculation

You can find fluid flow meters/tray Hydraulics sample calculation. This means the designed air velocity for the blower is 1000ft3/m.
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2018-04-07 05:03:25

Temperature and its measurement answers

In the process of measurement of temperature, there is a lot to understand and one of them is the understanding of thermometers working.
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2018-04-11 03:14:52

Worksheet On Radiation Essay

According to worksheet on radiation essay, matter gives out energy hence X-rays, and gamma ray is considered to be electromagnetic radiations which involve vibrating of electrical and magnetic energy.
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2018-05-04 18:38:30

Why I Want to be an Engineer Essay

Accroding to "Why I Want to be an Engineer Essay", my determination and dream of becoming an engineer were sparked ever since I was born. Individually I have been admiring how things work around the world.
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2018-05-04 23:11:48