Essay on Causes and Impacts of a Global Movement Against Racism and Police Brutality

Published: 2024-01-28
Essay on Causes and Impacts of a Global Movement Against Racism and Police Brutality
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BLM (Black Lives Matter) is a social movement and decentralized political that advocated for non-conflict civil disobedience in demonstration against racism and police brutality circumstances. The protests involved black people and organizations operated by African Americans, which supported police officers' torture of black persons and different policy changes linked with black liberation. The movement started around 2013. It employed the "# BlackLivesMatter" hashtag on social media following African death in 2014, leading to unrest and protests in Missouri, Ferguson in Eric Garner, and St. Louis in New York (Freelon et al., 2016). Thus, the paper focuses on the causes and impacts of BLM (Black lives matter).

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BLM emerged due to policy changes. Based on the bureau of justice's evidence, African American individuals were imposed to police brutality (Freelon et al., 2016). During Washington post, the law enforcement people killed more blacks, unlike whites, where they experience fatal shootings and killings such that it was hard to identify the harmed objects (Royal & Hill, 2018). The racial disparity among police offices makes more blacks to suffer as they were placed with severe crimes. The police actions facilitated various blacks' death, such as Dontre Hamilton, Tamir Rice, and Antonio Martin. Hence, the members participated in protests comprised of BLM Networks, Black Lawyers National Conference, and Human Right Center, Ella Baker. BLM advocated for movement support to fight against police brutality and various aspects based on discrimination grounds like feminism, economic justice, and immigration reforms.

Secondly, BLM begin to advocate against African American slavery. M4BL (The Movement for Black Lives), around 2016, wanted abolition of blacks’ slavery, food insecurity, housing problems, education disparities, and mass incarceration (Royal & Hill, 2018). African American people were uncomfortable since police subjected their loved ones to force and low-paying works. The M4BLalso advocated the end of police control over communities, mass surveillance, and education investment (Arif et al., 2018). The BLM employed multiple social media networking like hashtag activism to reach more individuals instantaneously. The protest was peaceful, although police committed violence during the demonstration.

Black Lives Matter Impacts

BLM movement with hashtag (#Black Lives Matter) impacted song, television, visual arts, and film. Various media outlets are giving materials linked with BLM and racial injustice. The movement marked the beginning of racial disparity published novels, books, and television, which has raised popularity worldwide. (Olteanu et al., 2015). For instance, various cities such as Dallas, Seattle, and Alabama have painted their street "Black Lives Matter" murals using large letters to indicate the impacts of African protests against police brutality.

The BLM pioneered the end of contemporary policing in the United States. Based on African Lives World Network, the Americans abolished racism by including democrats, which treats all individuals equally irrespective of color, religion, or ethnicity (Royal & Hill, 2018). Various congressional democrats abolish customs enforcement and immigration that violate undocumented immigration rights. Social movement also ended police corruption and advocated the release of unprecedented American organization of Justice Reports that spread police corruption in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Chicago.


BLM (Black Lives Matter) is a global social movement established in American around 2013 to fight against anti-African violence and racism, particularly on police brutality. "Black lives Matter" condemned Black individuals' killing by police officers since they had high chances of being killed, unlike whites (Taylor, 2016). The movement demanded that the community value humanity and lives of Black persons the way it values whites. Therefore, BLM activists involved influential and large protests in various American and worldwide cities to demonstrate against racism and police brutality.


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