Essay Sample Police Brutality and Discriminations Against Women and LGBT People

Published: 2023-10-06
Essay Sample Police Brutality and Discriminations Against Women and LGBT People
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Health and violence have been named the two most common areas of interest concerning issues affecting gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) people in society. In South Africa, several incidences of homophobic rape and murders have raised eyebrows to the community. In particular, rates of violence against black lesbians' women have increased significantly. As mentioned above, such women have experienced widespread violence and, more specifically, sexual abuse, purportedly occasioned by sexual orientation and gender identity (Katharina.kiener-Manu). Violence against women and LGBT people acts contrary to the provisions of the constitution, which dictates that LGBT persons are recognized and should, therefore, be protected by the legal system. According to South African law, LGBT people are entitled to a complete spectrum of civil rights, policy, and legal reforms. The constitution criminalizes all forms of sexual harassment carried out based on gender and sexual orientation.

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Surprisingly, few people of the LGBT category report harassment cases to the police, saying they are imbued with some fear. Additionally, less of the LGBT cases reach the courts. Most reported instances are terminated, or somewhat 'resolved' before they reach the ultimate body enabled to supply justice. LGBT people have previously claimed violence against them in the criminal justice system as a primary reason why few violent cases affecting them have been reported; in essence, the criminal and justice system is acting as an impediment to the same law it should protect or facilitate. Transgender people have also claimed societal homophobia incidences, a situation where they are discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. The majority of people in South Africa believe that supporting LGBT people is tantamount to praising moral decay (Katharina.kiener-Manu). In situations such as those described above, the criminal and justice system should be on the lookout and ready to protect LGBT people's rights. As it stands, the criminal and justice system in South African seemingly treats the issue in disdain, albeit being among the first countries to include transgender rights in the constitution.

Various aspects of the judicial system exemplify disdain, the police department included. Victims of LGBT related violence have previously complained about the negligence of their plights by the police. The police department's issue is that they have oversimplified LGBT related harassment, to the extent of recording physical violations as minor offenses. LGBT people have also claimed a perceived skewed attitude, meant to suppress and discriminate against them in the hands of the police (Katharina.kiener-Manu). Regarding discriminations against people of the LGBT category, the Human Rights Commission has previously reported that the group named above is usually ranked least in the detention facilities. This issue causes their suffering two or three-fold. Convicts belonging to the LBGT people typically find themselves in a detention environment dominated by skewed social norms and inequalities based on sexual orientation. Heteronormative masculinity is the principal function in South African prisons.


In conclusion, the LGBT community has suffered suppression and all manner of discrimination as far as the South African society is concerned. The South African culture is imbued with a societal aura of homophobia and transphobia. People identifying as or perceived to be LGBT have previously claimed discrimination incidences both in the hands of fellow societal members and also to the police. In detention centers, the case is not better as LGBT people are usually treated as minority others. All the above happens even with clear protection of LGBT people's rights being enshrined in the constitution. Indeed, more should be done regarding the protection of rights for all and implementation of the African law in a manner that serves equality.

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