Paper Example. Why the U.S. Should Legalize All Drugs

Published: 2023-03-21
Paper Example. Why the U.S. Should Legalize All Drugs
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In the debate about the legalization of drugs, the United States government faces an uphill task in deciding the right action to be implemented. According to the opinions and ideas from the members of the public, they state that the government should mitigate the risks associated with drugs at the same time, making it legal. In the 1930s, the American government was against prohibited the consumption of alcohol (Davenport et al., 411). There are substantial economic strengths that most governments acquire when they legalize drug consumption in the economy. When the drugs are legalized, this will make high-quality drugs to be cheaper and available in the market. Illegal drugs will be eliminated and incarcerations. Therefore in this study, we will highlight why the United States should legalize all the drugs in the country.

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Economic Benefit

The legalization of drugs will reduce the federal state deficits through the elimination of expenditure prohibition enforcements, such as frequent arrests, prosecution, and incarcerations. The government also will be in a position to collect tax revenue from the legalized drugs in the country. For instance, when California would legalize Marijuana, it will be in a place to raise over billions of the annual tax revenue. Most of the states in the United States will be in a position to acquire tremendous revenue growth with the move of legalizing drugs. According to the resent study that was done indicated the legalization of all drugs would reduce the government expenditure of about $41 billion annually (Davenport et al.,414). Both of the money would be used in general and annual government operations. Marijuana legalization alone would reflect over $8.7 billion savings to the state government and over $20 billion for the legalization of cocaine and heroin (Subbaraman 206). The tax revenue will double the amount when the government decided to legalize the drug consumption in the country.

The legalization of Marijuana, for instance, would improve the budgetary allocation to over 17.4 billion dollars in the market. The level of job creation will increase since more funds will be allocated in the improvement of the drug substance. The additional rates will be reduced when the drugs are legalized in society. More corporates and investors will be attracted to doing business with the government concerning drug abuse. The investors will double the current government revenue to double or even triple in the country.

Criminal Sanctions

The criminal sanctions violate the freedom of an individual to exercise his or her rights in society. The statistics that were done stated that over 80% of the United States residents have been in contact with drugs from one perspective to the other (Davenport et al., 418). When an individual receives sanctions, he or she will be forced to seek for illicit drugs in the market. When the drugs are criminalized, most children will resort in asking for a gang trade of selling drugs in the streets. The rate of murderers, robbers, and property crime increase in society (Kasunic, Anna, and Michael 283). The terrorist act also will develop as more people will resort to violence and illegal activities. All of the following will end when all the drugs are legalized in the market. When all the drugs are legalized, the rate of criminal activity will drastically reduce, and more civilians will engage in essential activities in the country.

Public Safety and Health

There is evidence from one of the health organizations that states that when criminal charges are reduced on the drug user, it is more likely to reduce the rate of drug usage, addiction, and overdose. Most of the recorded deaths in the United States happens as a result of a drug overdose. However, the legalization of all drugs will allow all the citizens in the country to come out and seek medical help. There are nearly thousands of people in the United States that are arrested in the United States daily due to drug possession; this initiative has done nothing to regulate drug possession. Therefore, the United States government should ensure that an effective plan has been put in place to ensure that all the drugs are legalized and used in society's health measures.

Mass Incarcerations and Mass Criminalization

The criminalization of drug usage hurts most of the families and communities. Millions of people will not be able to support themselves and their families when the drug is illegalized. According to the statistic, U.S. arrests nearly one Million of people due to drug law violation and possessions. However, when the government legalized the drug, all the people will be free to use the drug without fear of being convicted. There is discrimination in government drug fights and wars in the county. For instance, the Black people form only 13% of the U.S. population, yet they form the highest people who are arrested and incarcerated in the prisons for drug possessions (Subbaraman 206). The discrimination act, however, has highlighted the black race to be more dangerous and lesser compared to other states.

Drug usage and possession is a significant crime in the U.S. however, when all drugs are legalized, the country will receive tremendous benefits ranging from economic, social, and political importance (Corlett 235). The drug legalization debate has been ongoing in the United States as most of the states have joined hands in coming up with an effective plan in solving the issue. The legalization of all drugs will transform the U.S. system to be free from conflict, injustices, criminal, discrimination, and poor health services. Therefore, the United States should legalize all the drugs in the country to transform their society for the better.

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