Essay Sample on Stance Draft on Legalizing Marijuana

Published: 2023-11-19
Essay Sample on Stance Draft on Legalizing Marijuana
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The legalization of marijuana is a contentious topic all over the world because some support its legalization, while others desire that it should not be legalized. Some states have legalized marijuana in recent years for medicinal or recreational use or both. However, the possession, sale, or use of marijuana is illegal and is considered a crime at the federal level and by most states. Despite the negative things that marijuana is associated with, it is not as bad because it is used as a medication to help people with chronic illnesses, and mental illnesses, among other health issues. It is a natural herb. Marijuana should be legalized because of its ability to help people with mental issues, alcohol, and opioid addictions.

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What Possible Arguments Are There?

Marijuana is prescribed as a medication to help people overcome alcohol and opioid addictions. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an oil substance that is used to treat epilepsy. Research shows that cannabis medications that contain CBD as well as THC, which is a drug that can cause intoxication can be useful in reducing or ending seizures in children with serious drug-resistant epilepsy (, 2020). Further, children who have severe epilepsy show significant improvements in their quality of life after taking low doses of cannabis oil.

Marijuana is also essential in addressing some mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder. It is known to reduce its symptoms and therefore help people with these conditions have good lives. It is also useful in helping people with chronic illnesses such as cancer reduce the negative effects associated with such diseases, including nausea and pain.

The legalization of marijuana can help promote consumer safety because people would be more educated about the different types, their uses, and which are safer to use. This would ensure that consumers are more aware of the dangers and benefits of using marijuana and therefore take action to avoid their adverse effects if any.

What Do You Believe Is Correct?

I believe that cannabis is a natural plant that grows from the earth, and that is why it needs to be legalized. The plant is not only natural but also able to treat many illnesses that society faces today. I think that marijuana could help save the lives of people and also improve their quality of life because of its ability to treat and reduce some effects of various diseases.

What Are The Main Points?

Marijuana is more helpful and saves lives each day compared to alcohol and other substances that are known to have serious adverse effects. Marijuana helps to treat or reduce the symptoms of some health conditions such as epilepsy. Marijuana also occurs naturally and is found in almost every country around the world.

Marijuana legalization could help consumers become more aware of the drug so that they can make informed decisions regarding their use. This step would help eradicate some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that people have regarding the use of this drug.

Marijuana is a naturally growing herb that is available in most countries. It is less costly to access compared to other drugs.

What Are The Counterpoints?

Some people believe that the legalization of marijuana will result in increased traffic accidents and deaths. However, alcohol and tobacco smoking, among other substances, are known to cause increased traffic deaths and injuries even though they are legal. Research indicates that traffic deaths decreased by 11 percent on average for states that legalized medical marijuana. Public safety tends to increase with more access to marijuana (, 2020). Studies reveal that drivers under the influence of marijuana tend to be more cautious and take fewer risks compared to those who are under the influence of alcohol. Others believe that the legalization of marijuana will increase its use among teens. However, research indicates that the legalization of the substance results in a decline in its use. Investigators at Washington university school found out that after the legalization of marijuana in Washington in 2012, marijuana use decreased from 9.8 percent to 7.3 percent between 204 and 2016. Further, after the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, a 12 percent drop in marijuana use was reported among teens between 12 and 17 years (, 2020).

Evidence Supporting Argument

Marijuana ought to be legalized because it helps treat some medical conditions that cause pain to people in society. Marijuana can survive in almost all climates around the world, and therefore, it can benefit the majority of people around the globe. Marijuana is also an easily accessible herb and naturally occurring, and therefore, it can be helpful to people around the world. Marijuana legalization ought to be done because it is less harmful compared to other substances such as alcohol and tobacco.


Marijuana, even though illegal in the US, is helpful in numerous ways compared to alcohol and other drugs. It, therefore, ought to be legalized to ensure that people benefit from this herb that is naturally occurring. CBD is found in most stores in the US, and if people can be educated about its benefits, I believe they would support its legalization.

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