Free Essay: Supporting the Legalization

Published: 2023-07-13
Free Essay: Supporting the Legalization
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The legalization of marijuana is an issue being debated recently, a section of people supports it for its major benefits while another section provides a counter-argument. This essay explains personal opinions, that is supporting the legalization, the reasons for the choice, the biases that might have occurred in this selection, and the effects of cultural identity that might have affected the choice.

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Reasons for Supporting the Legalization

Despite the pressure that the government is experiencing especially from the debates on whether it should legalize medical marijuana or not, I among the many citizens that believe in the legalization of marijuana. The main reasons why I support the legalization is because of its medicinal purposes in the fight against cancer (Kheyani.etal,2018). The modern world especially the food sector has revolutionized with fatty food and fast foods being the most popular alternative to a majority of people. Surprisingly, these foods are responsible for cancerous growth in their bodies. The air is drastically polluted and there is nothing much that can be done, there is a global warming scenario with the harmful rays of sun causing skin cancer, at an alarming rate. The chemical contents of THC are effective in the killing of cancerous cells at an early stage. This is why people need to embrace it, as a precautionary measure to avoid future infections. Another reason why I choose the legalization of medicinal marijuana is because of its proven effectiveness in the fight against dementia and other illnesses that have no cure such as seizures and even epilepsy. The unknown chemical compounds of marijuana have been known to control the occurrences of seizures among patients with epilepsy. The final reason for having the stand is because of its amazing benefit of healing depression and signs of schizophrenia. The World Health Organization has declared stress as a global pandemic. The radical changes in the world of work and even relationship strains have raised mental health concerns. The chemical contents of marijuana are effective in calming down the brain parts that are active in the processing of the daily occurrences that might cause stress. The slowing down of the thinking process leads to improved meditation patterns.

Biases and Influence of culture In the Selection of the Choice

Although my choices are based on clinical and scientific sources, several biases tend to have influenced my choices. The first form of bias is informational bias, where I intentionally chose the information I wanted to read. People find information that tends to relate to what they want to hear and would please them. A person seeking to provide a counter-argument would likely, seek information that is scientifically proven and is against the stand that I chose. The second form of bias is selection bias where the individual declaring a stand in an argument might not have made the selection as random as it is required. There is a tendency that there is overlooking of some major weaknesses of a point that would have affected the whole outcome of the choice that one has chosen. An example is the choice of marijuana in the slowing down of depression, there might have been other side effects of this benefit including, loss of sleep over time and the effects to the brain and the inability of the brain to hold information and retain any form of new learning after continued use of marijuana.

Growing up in the 21st century has greatly influenced my stand on the use of marijuana especially for medicinal purposes. I identify with pop culture which is the most popular form of music in the country and even globally. The artists that the youth identify with are promoting the use of marijuana from the song lyrics and even videos. They demonstrate the use of the drug as the cause of the good feeling and the best life they seem to be living. The effect that these influences have is the worldwide push by the youth, to legalize the use of marijuana either for medicinal or other recreational values. The way of life of the people around me when I was growing up allows the use of medicinal marijuana to calm down after long days of work. There are always new concepts that people to put across in an attempt to change their beliefs on the issue of marijuana legalization. Some people have claimed that the side effects that the users encounter are potentially risky including permanent loss of memory and even dependency, leading to addiction. No information can alter my stand at this point, because I am aware that every good drug, even the vaccines should have counter-productive side effects. People should just focus on the positive effects of marijuana and utilize it to the maximum.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why I chose to support the legalization of medicinal marijuana. The main reasons are their effectiveness in the curing of cancer and the relieving of pain caused by cancerous cell growth. It is used in relieving stress which has been declared a global pandemic by the world health organization. It is useful in the healing of epilepsy and controlling seizures. Some biases might have been made in the selection of this information as a result of influences by the modern culture and the group of people I identify with. There is no new information that "Playing games of believe" can alter, as I am focused on the positives of the drug


Keyhani, S., Steigerwald, S., Ishida, J., Vali, M., Cerda, M., Hasin, D., Cohen, B. E. (2018). Risks and benefits of marijuana use: a national survey of US adults. Annals of internal medicine, 169(5), 282-290.

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