Essay Sample on Positive Effects of Cannabis

Published: 2023-09-27
Essay Sample on Positive Effects of Cannabis
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There are plenty of positive effects of cannabis on health. Some of the leading health-related positive impacts of marijuana include slowing and stopping cancer cells from spreading, prevention Alzheimer's, treatment of Glaucoma, relieve arthritis, control epileptic seizures, and ease the pain of multiple sclerosis. Apart from these mentioned positive effects, many other effects would be mentioned in the essay. Before exploring the positive impact or effect of marijuana on health, it is essential to learn about the physiological aspects of body organs to adequately explain the concept behind each positive effect of marijuana. The use of cannabis Sativa slows and stops cancer cells from spreading by controlling several genes such as Id-1. Genes, in most cases, influence the growth of cells, and any approach that controls growth of genes profoundly controls the growth of cancer cells. Since marijuana controls Id-1 genes associated with cancer cells, it controls the growth of cancer cells. It is a critical approach and a positive impact on the effect on health. It helps reduce the spread of cancer and serve as a therapeutic agent. Marijuana also prevents Alzheimer's because active ingredients found in substance abuse reduce the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Scripps research institute found out that those active ingredients found in marijuana, in most cases, prevent the progression of Alzheimer's. It is one of the positive impacts that marijuana creates on the health of individuals. The research paper broadly analyzes the positive impact of marijuana on health by discussing how marijuana slows cancer cells from spreading, prevents Alzheimer's, treatment of Glaucoma, relief of arthritis, and controls epileptic seizures.

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The information gathered in this report has been sourced from primary sources and secondary sources, and all of them are listed in the reference section of the research. References used are sourced from various websites, including academic journals and news articles hence comprehensively providing reliable data for this research regarding the positive impact of marijuana on health.


Marijuana slows and stops cancer cells from spreading throughout different areas of infections. Researchers at California Pacific Medical center in San Francisco in 2007, indicated that cannabidiol could influence the growth of cancer cells in the human body. Cannabidiol is one of the active elements of marijuana that can control the growth of cancer cells, which reduces impact and effect at the infection site. It is such an essential and positive impact such substance abuse creates on health and in the medical field at larger. The research by those researchers from California included the use of breast cancer and found out that higher levels of cancer cells of the breast were controlled by cannabidiol. It is a clear indication that the use of marijuana promises positive medical impact as much as the concept of cancer cells is concerned.

There was a gene that was indicated as responsible for controlling other cancer cells. The gene is Id-1 and was controlled individually by cannabidiol. In the research performed, the number of cancer cells was reduced significantly, and expression was less aggressive in similar cases of cancer (Duvall et al., 2019). Another research by the American Association for Cancer Research has demonstrated an essential point of research finding of marijuana and the impact it creates oh health. It found that marijuana slows down or reduces tumor growth in numerous body organs such as the brain and breast. The two findings actively demonstrate the impact marijuana creates on medical grounds or health. The ability of marijuana to control cancer cells by controlling genes suggests the positive impact such substance shows on health.

Prevention of Alzheimer

Another positive impact marijuana creates on health is its ability to prevent Alzheimer's. Several research types have indicated a positive impact of marijuana on Alzheimer's by discussing how active ingredient in the drug influences or slows the progression of Alzheimer's disease. One of these research studies includes the Scripps Research Institute. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)is the active ingredient found in marijuana that slows the formation of the active substance, preventing Alzheimer's from acting. THC acts on amyloid plaques, the blocks enzymes in the brain then affect Alzheimer's positively (Cohen et al., 2019). It indicates one of the positive impacts' marijuana creates on health. Those plaques formed within the brain destroy brain cells and potentially impact the development of Alzheimer's disease. Such an influence suggests or shows how marijuana is an essential substance abuse the powerful influence of preventing Alzheimer's disease.

Treat Glaucoma

Cannabis has another positive impact on oh health, which is the treatment of glaucoma disease. Glaucoma has managed and interfered with numerous body organs by increasing pressure at those sites. Some of those sites that the disease increases pressure include eye, injuring of the optic nerve. It also influences and might cause a loss of vision in severe cases. Marijuana has been identified to impact and treat Glaucoma by different research studies. National Eye Institute conducted one of the research studies (Shih et al., 2019). It indicates the positive impact of marijuana on health. it is a positive move that should be learned because of marijuana acts by preventing and reducing pressure inside those body organs.

Relieve Arthritis

In the case of arthritis, the use of marijuana has been proven to have had a positive impact on individuals' health, especially those who suffer from arthritis. Marijuana has been found to reduce pain and inflammation and promote sleep in cases of pain experience. The element of promoting pain is crucial because individuals learn and sleep effectively, reducing cases of pain in arthritis conditions. Prevention of inflammation is another positive aspect of marijuana that shows how the same influences health positively.

Different aspects of active components that are associated with marijuana have been given to patients with arthritis. Such components are Savitex, cannabinoid-based, and pain-relieving medicine. Within these components that have been examined by medical providers across different healthcare institutions, Savitex showed increase response with a reduction of pain in patients who suffer arthritis. It is a clear indication that marijuana provides a positive impact on cases of arthritis by effectively reducing pain as much as the condition is considered.

Cannabis Control Epileptic Seizure

Roberto (2003) indicated and demonstrated the impact of marijuana on health by giving marijuana extract and synthetic marijuana to epileptic rats. The outcome produced after the experiment indicated that marijuana positively and effectively reduced pain in epileptic rats. Such a concept shows the positive impact of marijuana on epileptic seizures as they tend to reduce a significant amount of pain effectively. Those drugs administered by Roberto indicated the positive results because the pain in those rats was reduced in less than ten hours since the commencement time of the research procedure.

THC is responsible for controlling epileptic seizures by the physiological aspect of brain cells. They respond or control seizures by actively reducing brain cells. Brain cells that are reduced are those responsible for controlling and regulating relaxation. These are the central aspect of seizure, and control of relaxation implies control of seizure by marijuana active ingredients. Excitability is another essential point that explains the importance of marijuana on health since epileptic seizure is characterized excitability.

Marijuana Eases the Pain of Multiple Sclerosis.

The physiology of marijuana and neurological effects explain the positive impact of substance abuse on health because it reduces muscle spasms. Before exploring the impact such an active substance creates on multiple sclerosis, it is crucial to learn the relationship that exists between multiple sclerosis and muscle spasms, as wells as neurological effects. Marijuana, in most cases, works to stops the muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis and neurological effects that are exponentially characterized by pain. The reduction of adverse neurological effects indicates how effective marijuana impacts health as much as multiple sclerosis pain is concerned.

According to the Canadian Medical Association, cannabis, in most cases, reduce painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The same case happens to patients of multiple sclerosis who smoke marijuana; they tend to respond effectively to this approach despite a negative response to medical drugs (Leung et al., 2019). Such an approach is a clear indication that marijuana has impacted the positive impact on health. It is a fundamental approach and findings to note that patients respond to marijuana, and their pain reduced because it suggests demonstrating the positive effect of substance abuse.

Cannabis Helps in the Treatment of Hepatitis C

Cannabis lessens the side effect of treating hepatitis C and increases the effectiveness of a treatment plan as much as the disease under discussion is concerned. There are different ways cannabis influence or lessen effects in the treatment of hepatitis C. Hepatitis C treatment include side effects from the injection given to patients, which severe and the majority of people may find it hard to continue with the treatment. There are numerous types of side effects. Some of the main effect that has been noticed range from nausea, fatigue, muscle pains, and loss of appetite. The use of cannabis influences the reduction of these side effects; it demonstrates the positive impact of substance abuse on health.

European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (2006) demonstrate that patients who used marijuana and were on therapy were positively influenced. According to the research, numerous numbers of patients who used cannabis exponentially succeed and overcame the therapy by completing the entire process perfectly. Apart from the positive impact cannabis creates by reducing the majority of negative influence, substance abuse also enhances the treatment approach or effectiveness of the Hepatitis treatment. Smoking has been correlated with Hepatitis C viral levels. Those individuals who were smokers of marijuana within the same research reported law levels of the viral. The indication explains the positive impact of cannabis on health as much as the treatment of hepatitis C is concerned.

Carcinogenic Effects of Tobacco and Cannabis

Cannabis helps to reduce the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve the health status of the lung. Journal of the American Medical Association (2012) indicated that marijuana could improve the lung's health and reduce the carcinogenic effects of tobacco by taking deep breathes during the inhalation process of marijuana. The research showed and reported positive data that recorded the most desirable outcome about the levels of carcinogenic and the effects of tobacco. It is a positive indication that cannabis demonstrates oh the health status of individuals.


In conclusion, cannabis has different positive impacts on the health status of individuals. Some of the main positive impacts range from the ability of the substance to slow and stop cancer cells from spreading, preventing Alzheimer's, and treating Glaucoma. Apart from those mentioned positive impacts of cannabis, there are many other positive impacts it creates on health as much as patients are concerned.

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