Surviving Crisis: Datz Restaurant's Adaptive Leadership Amidst the Pandemic - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-08
Surviving Crisis: Datz Restaurant's Adaptive Leadership Amidst the Pandemic - Essay Sample
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Vision is a defining aspect among future leaders. Ideally, the pandemic posed a challenge to any leader who had an implementation plan to achieve set goals and objectives. Nevertheless, the same novel coronavirus has raised the bar high for the managers who have fought their way to success during the crises. The business and corporate world have suffered, and Datz restaurant is not an exception either. Therefore, it will be essential to evaluate how Suzanne and Roger Perry from Datz handled problems and leadership, and the technique utilized to improve sales and advertisement strategies.

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Leadership qualities were unique in the restaurant after the pandemic encroached on the nation. Ideally, one of the approaches was to secure the employees. The majority of the restaurant laborers were accorded paid leave during the lockdown period to caution their families. The restaurant management also made it possible to observe the safety guidelines when the government lifted lockdown measures. In most cases, the number of workers was reduced through retrenchment to accommodate a reasonable number required to observe the social distance. The restaurant leaders also made a plan after the national government announced strict measures to follow during the crisis (Reiley, 2020). One outstanding aspect of the ideology was that they had an idea against looting if public unrest settled. Notably, the management had rejuvenated an emergency kit that was functional after the hurricane. Ideally, the kitty had sanitizers that were part and parcel of the safety precautions against the pandemic. With such a reasoned technique, the hierarchy of the organization made it through the challenging moments smoothly.

The restaurant also opted for curbside services in which foods were sold on the backside of the cars. The approach was to reduce overcrowding in one building and also enhance the smooth running of the business. In one instance, the ordeal was challenging, but the leaders stood firm to the idea, and finally, it proved impactful. Indeed, the institution has managed to service during the hard times by diversifying its approach to executing business (Reiley, 2020). When normalcy resumes, the restaurant might choose to recall the employees laid off and proceed with parking and outside catering on a large scale.

Accordingly, to increase its sales during the challenging moments, the restaurant executed a turnover rate. Notably, curbside deals offered an opportunity to reach the customers from their homes since the majority had a fear of interacting with the public. With such a technique, the stakeholders met new customers and prospects following their excellent services and quality products. Moreover, they introduced technology as part of the payment option (Reiley, 2020) The approach appeared secure to most buyers who considered non-physical monetary exchange the safest way to evade infection. Social media was another tool that offered various options to market the restaurant among the local community. Social sites were fed with daily updates on the available menu and price. Online customer interaction was also improved, thus reaped from third-party referrals. Online ordering was a straightforward technique that made Datz an outstanding food store during the pandemic.


In conclusion, the shareholders accord restaurant leaders appropriate accolades for making tough choices that secured the business's sustainability. In normal circumstances, the premises would have been closed due to financial constraints, but with logical decision-making, the endeavor secured reasonable recognition. Laying off the workers was not the best option, but it might reinstate them when normalcy resumes. Therefore, maintaining the bigger picture was the ultimate goal, and the leadership made it an objective to secure the stakeholders' well-being.


Reiley L. (2020, April 1). One Tampa Bay restaurant group is doing what it must to save the family business. It may not be enough. The Washington Post.

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