Navigating Success: Unveiling Glass Boot Pizza Company's Values, Vision, and Leadership Dynamics

Published: 2024-01-20
Navigating Success: Unveiling Glass Boot Pizza Company's Values, Vision, and Leadership Dynamics
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Question 1

Values are a set of principles or standards of behavior that govern one in their area of work or life. They are also ethics and morals that one ordains to see the usefulness of something. Values are fundamental to the company because they give workers guidance on what to do and a sense of security. The employees of the company can make appropriate and optimum decisions. The company's six values include integrity, accountability, fairness, customer experience, learning, and boldness.

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Integrity is the ability to have strong and firm moral principles where the management and the employees need to be truthful. Accountability is essential as it enables all staff of the company to stand by their decisions, and also it enhances the ethics of the managers. Fairness is treating all personnel without favoritism or discrimination. It helps in the process of decision making and make excellent and optimum decisions. Customer experience is essential in that it helps in impressing customers to buy pizza from the company and excellent services. Learning is essential in the company as it helps make the Glass Boot Pizza Company staff transform themselves and enhance service delivery. Boldness is encouraged in the company as it makes all staff take risks and solve them innovatively.

Question 2

Vision and mission statements are essential in a company. The mission statement offers a description of the company's current state, together with its primary goals and objectives. The vision statement is essential in that it describes the future state of the company. It is a long term goal that offers directions for the Glass Boot Pizza Company. The company's mission is to offer and serve all the customers with quality dining entertainment, food, and customer services. The Glass Boot Pizza Company's vision is to ensure that all customers get what they want and the quality they prefer.

Question 3

The SWOT analysis is essential in the company as it helps it build on what it can do well, address what is lacking, minimize risks, and take the merits of the changes that come and available for the company's success. Its strengths are fast delivery service, its famous brand; it is safe and always hygienic, and responsible for local and international interests. The Glass Boot Pizza Company's weaknesses are that it has suffered some financial constraints leading to poor performance. The company's opportunities are to collaborate which other companies in the same industry to help in the automation of its services to the clients by using technology to offer to the doorstep. The threat is stiff competition from other companies like Blaze pizza. Glass Boot Pizza Company's main threat is that the company is often found guilty and is fined for health issues.

Question 4

The leadership style to be used in Glass Boot Pizza Company is the democratic leadership style. The style is essential as it will ensure that there is quality service delivery to the clients. The senior officers may seek their employees' opinions to improve before a final decision is made. It will also create team spirit at the workplace and roles carried out correctly.

Question 5

Ethical values are fundamental in an organization as they help reduce financial liabilities because everyone is truthful and honest on the transactions made. They help build a positive corporate culture and minimize potential lawsuits by avoiding discrimination among workers and clients. I recommend to the Glass Boot Pizza Company owners that they implement ethical values to ensure that the customers and clients are offered the best services ever with courtesy. The employees should always be trained on how to handle customers of different moods. The ethical value adaptation will always attract customers since they will be served well.

Question 6

Some of the company's new services offer some snacks like queen cakes and offering some fruits, chips, and chicken. Products to develop are mineral water. The mineral water will not adversely affect the company's finances since there will be a generation of income once it is sold. The company should also offer play station for the children to play after taking their pizza or any meal as the family has an excellent enjoyable time together.

Question 7

Transformational leadership is essential in an organization as it inspires employees to work harder and strive beyond the required expectations as they work towards a shared vision of the organization. It will also help change the organization members to individuals who transcend beyond their self-actualization and self-interests for the company's sake. It is the best leadership as it promotes culture building, provides intellectual stimulation and offers individual support. It also models positive behaviors, builds vision and holds the high employees' performance. The Glass Boot Pizza Company owners can be transformational leaders when they inspire the employees to work hard to achieve the company's mission, vision, and objectives. Some of the traits present to ensure the growth of the company are integrity, accountability and honesty.

Question 8

The most effective power base to be implemented by the owners of Glass Boot Pizza Company, according to Jeffrey Pfeffer, is the transformational power base. Every organization is changed to ensure that they are always working and enjoying as they target achieving the company's goals and objectives. The power base can ensure that the tasks carried out in the company are significant in improving the Glass Boot Pizza Company teams' performance in delivering at work.

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