Exploring Leadership in Project Management: Factors, Styles, and Success Strategies - Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-08
Exploring Leadership in Project Management: Factors, Styles, and Success Strategies - Paper Sample
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There are various leadership topics that can be researched when undertaking a research topic on leadership. The topics include factors that affect leadership projects, the application of different styles of leadership, and factors that contribute to effective management. There are few people who have researched the topics; hence undertaking the research will help in finding more information on the topics that will help leaders manage organizations and companies (Wilson, 2014). There are many factors that influence management and make managers either become successful or not. Project management is a challenge for people who do not have experience because they will face challenges that they do not know how to solve.

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The topic of the factors that managers need to consider as they implement projects is a broad topic that can help managers know the areas that they need to consider to ensure projects do not fail. I considered the topic because I would also to know the factors that make project management successful and the factors that lead to failure in project management (Roberts-Holmes, 2018). Understanding how to implement projects will help me start my own project that will be successful. The topic will major in the project management action plan and how it helps managers in the management of projects.

The topic of the different leadership styles and how it influences project management is a great topic to do a research on the influence of the leadership style on the success of project management. I considered the topic because different managers embrace different management styles that affect the projects that they manage and implement on behalf of their organizations (Roberts-Holmes, 2018). At the end of the program, I will carry out research on the different leadership styles in project management, and the project will help managers know the dos and don'ts that will lead to successful project implementation.

The questions I have on the project are where I will get the managers to interview them and get information on their experiences in management, failure, and success stories. Other questions include the costs to be incurred in completing the project and the time needed for all the work to be completed. The questions will help me prepare for the challenges likely to experience while undertaking the project. The answers to the questions will determine the success of the project and whether the project will achieve its goal. The answers to the question will also influence the findings of the research project; hence I will ensure the questions are answered before I begin the project.

The resources required to complete the project include financial resources that will be spent while interviewing the participants and the costs to be spent by the researcher. Other resources include technological resources such as computers that will be spent analyzing data collected from the participants of the research (Flick, 2015). I will also require a time resource to complete the project, and the time will be spent engaging in activities that pertain to the project. The other resources that will be required include books, magazines, and journals that explain the findings of other relevant research projects that can help to come up with a conclusive finding that is correct. Completing the project will require guidance from professors to ensure that the guidelines of the project are followed and offer solutions to challenges likely to be experienced.


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