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How I would contribute to the renewable energy

Energy is one of the properties of objects that is convertible from one form to another. It is also transmittable from one object to the other. There exist various forms of energy including kinetic energy, potential energy, elastic, chemical, radi...
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2017-09-27 09:07:20

Arguments for and Against the concept of Peak Oil

Peak oil is a term that is often used to summarize that in crude oil production, as well as that of most finite resources in a market economy, grows and reaches a peak, which is the maximum production, and subsequently gradually declines to zero (...
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2017-11-03 12:34:08


With the increasing consumption of fuel reserves, there may only be about 20 years before there is an international economic crisis.
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2017-11-21 08:58:24

The Proposed Energy East Pipeline

The Energy East Pipeline is a proposal by TransCanada to construct a 4600 km pipeline stretching from Alberta and Saskatchewan to Canada.
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2017-11-23 03:49:11

Reasons for Opposing Approval

The project has faced resistance from politicians and local communities mostly from great Montreal region citing fears of pollution.
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2017-11-23 09:02:39

Dark Matter Essay

That the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace due to some unknown energy is not a new idea. The universe had much energy density.
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2017-11-27 08:52:45

Management, Engineering of Environment and Energy

The environment plays a critical role as a source of raw materials and assimilator of residual wastes.
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2018-02-11 19:08:07

Impact of Physical Activity on the Respiration

The body is in constant need of energy to work, and energy is supplied in the form of chemical potential energy at the cellular level.
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2018-03-04 01:53:11

Qatar economy overview

When Qatars economy limits its production, other nations end up facing the challenge in the end.The supply of oil producers is limited.
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2018-03-12 01:10:22

Commercial nuclear energy in the United States

Commissioning of commercial nuclear energy in the United States in the early 1990s resulted to various controversies over the issue.
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2018-04-04 13:28:56