Impact of Feminism in Studies of Women and Crime - Free Essay

Published: 2024-01-04
Impact of Feminism in Studies of Women and Crime - Free Essay
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In modern society, people fear that Feminism will change their way of living, traditions, and religious beliefs. Women's experience has been on the rise in the justice system; however, injustice has persisted in every aspect of society, thus calling for feminist interruption (Renzetti, 2018). Criminal justice is a gender experience, women are victims of injustices, and therefore, Feminism plays an essential role in understanding how criminal justice solves women's issues. Feminism has had an impact on the study of women and crime, as described in this paper.

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Women's participation is growing in every field; they make up a good number of the victims of certain crimes, and in most cases, men are the primary offenders (Renzetti, 2018). These experiences where women are the victims occur in crimes like sexual assault and gender discrimination, including inequality (Boyle et al., 2017). Women suffer a lot in these cases; traditionally, their cries have been ignored by the. Women also face unique circumstances because their experience is absent from the dominating male population in that their needs as offenders are ignored. Feminists have condemned traditional attempts at criminological practice and theory because they fail to understand women's experiences and lives (Boyle et al., 2017). Similarly, women's employment in criminal justice has been on the rise. Women continue to fight for college and university enrollment equality in the world and the impacts continue to rise in the justice system.

The study of women and crime has advanced. Changes are brought about by the political, economic, and social efforts of Feminism. The social change represented by the women's movements and civil rights is the cause of the complicated impacts on the criminal justice system. Feminism is focused on activists concerned about women's right to vote and which challenges the justice system on women's matters, including cases of sex abuse and equality rights (Boyle et al., 2017). Earlier on, women had no part in research about criminal law and behavior, but today, they are critical injustice investigations. First, feminists had attention during the 1960s and 1980s, when most of them majored in inequality and the difference between men and women regarding criminal justice. Inconsolably, these feminists focused on gender alone. They did not include discussions that showed cultural diversity, which resulted in a narrow view of women involved in the criminal system.

The second group of feminists to influence criminal justice study is White Liberal feminists who addressed women's diversity in terms of race, sexuality, and nationality. With these new views in hand, female criminologists began to talk about the nature of female offenders. They began to question the lives of women from the perspective of the injustice system. Some of the questions were, who is she? Why does she engage in criminal activities? (Renzetti, 2018)

Most importantly, how is she different from the male offender, and how will criminal justice respond to her? Feminists encourage criminal justice to think critically about female offenders and inspire new female victimization (Willison & Brien 2017). The feminist groups' efforts increase attention to how the criminal justice system responds to women's victimization.


In conclusion, Feminism is a unit of study today. In colleges and universities, students study gender relations to criminal justice, and this way, feminist lawyers are created. Also, there is a constitutional right mandate to become feminist lawyers. Scholars in this field have suggested that without Feminism, gender injustices and female inferiority could be rampant in society (Renzetti, 2018).


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