Paper Example on Social Media Concerns

Published: 2024-01-01
Paper Example on Social Media Concerns
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Social media is a website as well as applications designed to enable people to share information efficiently, quickly, and in real-time. While several individuals access social media using various apps for smartphone, this communication tool began with computers and, as a result, social media can be said to be any tool for internet communication that enable individuals to share content broadly as well as participate with the public (Hudson). Social media is both relatively and broad and this character makes it unique. There are several social media concerns and this paper discusses sexting and how and suggested option on how to solve it.

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Sexting is a sexualized text communication trend that is practiced by various people in social media. It involves sending sexually suggestive images or explicit messages by cell phone. One adverse sexting result is the probability for unintentional public broadcasting of sexual images. Although the resulting discomfiture, as well as humiliation, maybe impermanent, in the long-term, like disclosure, can affect future education as well as employment opportunities. Another adverse result is the potential for emotional or physical harm to the individual or other people. However, some researchers noted that sexting posts have a high probability of leading to other weird behavior to people such as unprotected sex, several sexual partners, sex after drug or alcohol use, along with the high likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists).

Sexting images of juveniles can have significant lawful consequences. The Act od Children Protection Against Sexual Exploitation prohibits visual portrayal of minors affianced in sexually explicit behavior. Under the current law of phonography for a child, the image dissemination of a child to another individual is prohibited and this can lead to prosecution. Although sexting has become a common thing in several countries, different people have suggested various options be done concerning the act.


Some countries consider sexting among juvenile as a felony, and different people suggest secondary students be charged with felony tallies of sexting phonography (Hudson). Since the office of gynecologists is a setting where health matter that concern sex is discussed routinely, the conversation offers an opportunity to eliminate the young adults or adolescents on consequences as well as dangers associated with sexting. Various people had realized that sexting images are accompanied by some sexual behavior that is not pleasing and thus they want the youth to be educated about the sexting images consequences (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). Besides, others want the guardian to monitor e-mails and texts that their children use.


In conclusion, the aptitude to share opinions, photos, and proceedings in real-time has changed the way people live along with the way business is done. While several companies for social media impose some limitations like noting images, which display nudity or violence, there are other limitations on what is legal for someone to share as compared to other mass communication means like a radio station, television channel, and newspaper. Nevertheless, social media has got some challenges that have turned out to be a concern to several people. among these concerns, sexting image has been a concern and various people suggest that there should be an education for the young people to prevent them from the harm caused by these images. Despite making it east to pass as well as share information in public, social media has contributed to the spread of sexual information where youths are exposed to sexual risks.

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