30 A-Worthy Evaluation Essay Topics

30 A-Worthy Evaluation Essay Topics

You can talk anyone’s ears off about all the things wrong with Avengers, and spend hours waxing poetic about The Game Of Thrones. Writing an evaluation essay is very similar. Define the parameters of your evaluation, showcase both positive and negative aspects and provide a general recommendation. That’s it! 

But what if you are stuck on the very first step of the writing process? Do you feel stuck at the very beginning and see no way out without the qualified assistance of a fast essay writer? Can’t think of any exciting evaluation essay topics without receiving timely essay help to get the ball rolling? Let us help! Check out our list of perfect topics. And the best thing is that every other comes with an evaluation essay sample. So you can get inspired and model your paper according to the best essays in our massive database. Let’s roll!

Evaluation Essay Topics On Books

Self-improvement and other non-fictional books provide an open field for evaluation. This short and sweet evaluation paper example on a book “Instant Influence” by Michael V. Pantalon contains a chapter-by-chapter overview and concise analysis.

  • The Book That Began The Genre

Some books make a stronger impact, laying the foundation for generations of authors. Discuss how “The Lord Of The Rings” was the first recognized fantasy trilogy. Cover the critical aspects of the book that set it aside from others and how it compares to modern fantasy novels.

Written by an African American writer Du Bois, “The Souls of Black Folk” is at the center of this review. You’ll see that when evaluating classic texts, it is essential to take the significance of the issues discussed in the modern world.

  • Which Book Shook You To The Core?

While some novels are made to be forgotten, others stay with you for the rest of your life. It can be “1984” or “The Lord Of The Flies”. Explain which scenes influenced you most, which strong emotions they evoked, and why you think everyone should read this book if they want to understand how you feel.

This is an excellent example of a well-balanced review of the book “Fields of Honor” by Edwin C. Bearss. Notice how the writer describes both the best and the worst parts of the book to keep the evaluation objective, while examples support the conclusions drawn.

Movie Evaluation Essay Samples

  • Is The Remake Better Than The Classic?

Consider the films that have been recently remade, like “The Blade Runner”, or rebooted, like “Superman”. Rewatch the classic version and the new movie and compare them. Note the differences in plot, directing and cast. Make sure to state your preference.

When writing an evaluation essay on a film, provide a short overview of the action and your analysis. Identify the parameters of your evaluation and compare the film to others of its genre.

  • Who Is The Best James Bond?

Some legendary fictional characters keep popping up on the big and small screens, be it Joker, James Bond or Doctor Who. So why not compare them and find the best actor to portrait your favorite character. Start by stating your comparison parameters and declare the winner in conclusion.

“Pete’s Dragon” review focuses on the plot of the animated musical, as well as the lessons it teaches the audiences of all ages. When analyzing cartoons, you can concentrate on both narrative and visual devices used to get the point across.

  • The Movie That Ruined The Book

Whether you are a fan of “The Twilight” or “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, you surely have something to say about the film adaptations. Don’t be shy, and compare the book to the movie in your essay. You can point out all the missing scenes that would have made the film perfect.

Evaluation Argument Essay Topics On Music

Unlike books, plays add another dimension to the experience. Don’t forget to discuss the set features, costumes, music, and cast in your evaluation essay. Use this “Spring Awakening” review to guide you along.

  • What Is Your Dad’s Favorite Band?

Ask your Dad which music he preferred when he was your age. Listen to the songs and think about the time they were written. How does this music make you feel? In what ways is it different from your favorite bands?

Background information is necessary if the evaluation paper volume allows it. You can also assess the different stages of the band’s or artist’s career and analyze various songs, albums or even band members, like in this evaluation paper example on Metallica.

  • Which Song Is Better Than Chocolate For You?

When you feel sad or depressed, you automatically reach for chocolate or cupcakes. But music can improve your mood even quicker. Go through your playlist and choose the song that makes you happy. Explore why it has such a powerful effect on you. Analyze the lyrics and the music, and make a recommendation in conclusion.

Evaluation Paper On Food

There are many products available in supermarkets, and each deserves the right to be the focus of your paper. You can find numerous studies online to support both advantages and disadvantages of consuming superfoods and processed foods.

  • The Worst Takeout Service You Know

Explore the qualities a good takeout service should possess. It might be the quality of the food, the delivery time or the courier’s demeanor. Then, think of the worst takeout experience you have ever had and explain why it turned into a catastrophe. Warn your readers off the restaurant that caused you trouble.

Evaluating a favorite restaurant is as easy as posting a review on Yelp. Besides the menu and location, assess the design and ambiance, as well as the service quality and any unique features, like live music or flat screen TVs to watch football games.

  • Can Frozen Meals Be Considered Edible?

There are many advantages to frozen food, like the quick preparation time and some nutritional value. However, its looks and taste can be the major turn-off. Evaluate a frozen meal you have recently purchased and eaten and explain why you would or would not want to repeat the experience.

Evaluation Argument Essay Topics On Sports

Nothing is ideal, and sports are not exempt from this rule. Select your favorite game and evaluate its positive and negative influence on the player’s health, their lives, the economy, the society overall.

  • Are Sports Dangerous, Rather Than Healthy?

Professional sports lead to numerous injuries that often stay with athletes for the rest of their lives. Pick a sport and compare its health benefits to potential hazards. Make a conclusion whether this particular sport should be introduced to young children at school.

There hasn’t been a single major sporting event in the recent years without an explosive doping scandal. Pick any of the incidents covered by the media or discuss the problem as a whole. Describe how doping affects professional athletes and fans.

Evaluation Essay Topics On Technology

Provide a supported opinion on whether the freedom of speech and access to information is worth the risks of cybercrime, Internet addiction, and child pornography. Use this evaluation paper sample as guidance.

  • The Qualities Of A Good App

You can’t live without Facebook or Uber, so think about what makes these apps tick. Pick out the key features that make you use the apps daily, even when there are thousands of other applications that look far more exciting.

Take on the Internet giant and discuss the ways Googling makes us forgetful, inattentive and generally stupid. Describe the measures that can be taken to prevent Google addiction and the deterioration of the human mind.

  • The Latest Flagship Smartphone Review

You know exactly what you want the smartphone to do, so the evaluation parameters are quite clear. Use the specs and photos of the latest model to write a review. Compare the flagship to your current gadget. Would you exchange your trustworthy smartphone for a flashy new model?

Balance the positive and negative impact technological advances have on the society or its parts. Like the author of this evaluation essay sample, research relevant sources to provide a short overview of the changes that could negate the disadvantages of further technological development.

Evaluation Argument Essay Topics On Education

  • Who Is The Best Professor?

Complaining about your professors in an essay might not be a good idea, but you can always evaluate them and choose the best. Explain why you think this particular instructor’s lectures were the most exciting, motivating or useful. Which of his or her methods would you want other professors to adopt?

Unemployment issues, high-stress levels and the low quality of business education are the significant disadvantages of MBA programs. In your evaluation paper, you can focus on the ever-growing popularity of business education despite its many shortcomings.

  • The Most Useless Class You Have Ever Taken

You have taken dozens of different classes by now, so you can objectively evaluate the best and the worst. Think of why the course was useless. Was the content outdated? Did the professor fail to motivate you? Does it not correspond your career prospects? Be critical, but honest. And remember that you were the one to choose the class.

High tuition payments have been the center of public debate for decades, so why not add your take on the problem into the mix? This evaluation essay sample showcases the benefits the cheap and high-quality education can bring, like the better future for all.
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Now you know what evaluation essays look like. You can choose among our hand-picked evaluation essay topics on a number of subjects or reach out to our writers who will devise a unique title just for you.