How to Craft an Evaluation Essay? | Fast Guide & Topics for Students

How to write an evaluation essay: detailed guide & topics

Table of contents:
  1. What is an evaluation essay?
  2. What is the purpose of an evaluation essay?
  3. 6 steps to craft an outstanding evaluation essay
  4. Evaluation essay: criteria, judgments & evidence
  5. Evaluation essay outline: things you need to know
  6. Where to find an evaluation essay example?
  7. Good evaluation essay topics for students
  8. Conclusion

Imagine that you need to craft a good evaluation essay. Where will you start, and what criteria will be most important to you? Do you know the basic sequence of actions? For many first-year students, these questions are comparable to a tsunami regarding stress levels. Do you feel stuck at the very beginning and see no way out without the qualified assistance of a fast paper writer? Can’t think of any exciting evaluation essay topics without receiving timely paper help to get the ball rolling? Let us help! Check out our list of perfect topics and writing guide. 

What is an evaluation essay?

An evaluation essay is an academic paper that offers value judgments about a particular subject according to criteria. In addition, the purpose of such an assignment is to present an opinion or viewpoint on a subject. As a student, you must create an evaluation essay outline and remember the well-structured argument to present a point of view supported with examples and evidence.

What is the purpose of an evaluation essay?

An evaluation essay aims to provide readers with an objective assessment of a specific subject or topic. It's similar to when you ask someone to "rewrite my paper," but in this case, you're doing a thorough critique, revealing both strengths and weaknesses.

6 steps to craft an outstanding evaluation essay

Most first-year students want to understand how to write an evaluation essay like a pro. Luckily, you don't have to spend half your life mastering all the tricks of writing. Instead, here are six key steps to help you quickly craft a good evaluation essay.

You can talk anyone’s ears off about all the things wrong with Avengers, and spend hours waxing poetic about The Game Of Thrones. Writing an evaluation essay is very similar. Define the parameters of your evaluation, showcase both positive and negative aspects and provide a general recommendation. That’s it! 
And the best thing is that every other comes with an evaluation essay sample. So you can get inspired and model your paper according to the best essays in our massive database. Let’s roll!

Pick your paper topic

A good topic will allow you to quickly craft your personal statement and collect important information to start your writing activity. Do not take a broad or narrow idea, so as not to face the difficult process of finding relevant information. You probably don't want to spend much time analyzing research or academic papers. Instead, choose an interesting topic or ask your professor. Perhaps you can get an evaluation essay sample or prompt to get the ball rolling.

Tip from SpeedyPaper:
Choose your topic carefully and look for good paper examples before you start writing.

Craft a thesis statement

And here is another step that will allow you to craft a good evaluation essay. Create your thesis statement, as this is a key springboard for starting your writing activity. What are you going to write about? What aspects of the evaluation essay do you want to cover? Think about this stage and focus on the idea that you like the most.

Determine the evaluation criteria

An evaluation essay is a paper that cannot exist without clear judgments. Choose the type of criteria that resonate with your area of research and get to work. Perhaps you should choose a specific benchmark to be your starting point when writing an evaluation essay. In any case, this approach will simplify your work as a student.

Find the supporting evidence

And now it's time to answer the question, "What is an evaluation essay?" It is an assignment that cannot exist without supporting evidence. You have a certain position and ideas about the chosen topic, so you must provide clues to advocate your judgments. Try to do detailed research before crafting your evaluation essay. Make a detailed list of evidence that your ideas are solid.

Write your raw draft

Now that the preparation stage is officially over, you should start writing activities. An evaluation essay is tricky, so create a raw draft with the main ideas and research for further polishing. Your task is to craft all the paragraphs and generate ideas.

Tip from SpeedyPaper:
Try to describe each idea in detail for your paragraphs. Sometimes you should write more and remove unnecessary sentences during the editing process.

Review, edit & proofread

And here is the final stage. An evaluation essay is almost ready, and you only have a couple of final steps left. Surely you are confident in a job well done. But it would help if you started the editing and proofreading stage. Check every sentence and eliminate all grammar and spelling mistakes. As a rule, students often make mistakes or typos, so you can polish your evaluation essay like a pro.

Evaluation essay: criteria, judgments & evidence


Since you need to cover your topic, you should start an evaluation essay by looking for good criteria. Criteria are a demonstration of a certain ideal and your expectations. Consider the best possible example of your research object and make a detailed list. Your goal is to create a clear list of parameters to help you create your paragraphs.


Your judgments are critical to creating a solid evaluation essay. What information do you rely on? The judgment aspect establishes whether or not the benchmarks have been met. Follow your topic idea and look for relevant judgments; otherwise, you won't be able to create a good paper.


All students must provide clues to advocate their judgments. Your evidence should support your ideas and point of view. For example, if you show untruthfulness or weakness in any academic aspect, you need evidence and solid facts. An evaluation essay cannot be completed without good judgment, and you should be aware of this.

Steps to craft an evaluation Essay

Evaluation essay outline: things you need to know


The first paragraph of your evaluation essay is meant to introduce your subject. For example, you can overview the subject, discussing its influence on people and why it is worth evaluating. You can also establish the criteria to be called upon to prove your position. An evaluation essay should also begin with your thesis statement. And don't forget about the overall judgment and the supporting reasons.

Tip from SpeedyPaper:
Start with a catchy sentence. You need some kind of hook to grab the reader's attention.

Body paragraphs

Regardless of your evaluation essay topics, you need to craft 3-4 body paragraphs. Then, add at least three reasons to become a springboard for your judgments and evidence.

First reason

Start with a topic sentence and your judgment of the first criterion. Support the first reason and provide valid information like quotes, examples, or expert testimonials. You also need to address any objections and reflect on them. Use only strong arguments to make your ideas look solid.

Tip from SpeedyPaper:
Always look for solid reasons and judgments. All your quotes, examples, or expert testimonials must be taken from trusted academic sources.

Second reason

Now you need to provide your judgment of the second criterion, support the second reason, address any objections and refute them. The second reason has the same structure as the second one. An evaluation essay requires consistency, so you should follow the instructions.

Third reason

Your third reason has the same structure as the previous ones. However, it would help if you switched to judgments in order of increasing importance. Don't forget to support the third reason, address any objections and refute them. Perhaps you should even check the evaluation essay examples to understand your actions' purpose.


And here is the final part of your work, which should restate your thesis statement and the general purpose of your essay. Visualize the work, focus on the results, and leave a strong recommendation. Such a final paragraph will surely please your professor.
Evaluation essay structure -

Where to find an evaluation essay example?

Surely you are already enthusiastic about finding a good paper example and want to start looking. Luckily, you don't have to dig deep; you'll find good paper examples here. Check out the examples, and you will understand where you need to start writing activities.
Evaluation Essay Sample

Good evaluation essay topics for students

Evaluation essay topics on books & literature

  1. The efficacy of self-improvement books.
  2. The book that began the genre.
  3. Study social problems through literature.
  4. Which book shook you to the core?
  5. The best book to depict historical events.
  6. Evaluation of the novel Billy Budd.
  7. Critical evaluation of Vivian Bearing story.

Movie evaluation essay samples

  1. Is the remake better than the classic?
  2. Is “V for Vendetta” the best political movie?
  3. Who is the best James Bond?
  4. The lessons taught through animation.
  5. The movie that ruined the book.

Evaluation argument essay topics on music

  1. Evaluating your favorite Broadway show.
  2. What Is your dad’s favorite band?
  3. The Rock Legend’s impact assessment.
  4. Which song is better than chocolate for you?

Evaluation paper on food

  1. The pros and cons of processed foods.
  2. The worst takeout service you know.
  3. Walk a mile in a food critic’s shoes.
  4. Can frozen meals be considered edible?

Evaluation argument essay topics on sports

  1. General assessment of any sport.
  2. Are sports dangerous, rather than healthy?
  3. The ever-present threat of doping.
  4. How does running affect the cardio system?

Evaluation essay topics on technology

  1. The consequences of Internet.
  2. The qualities of a good app.
  3. Is Google making us stupid?
  4. Is Tesla making our life easier?
  5. The latest flagship smartphone review.
  6. The technology’s negative impact on society.

Evaluation argument essay topics on education

  1. Who is the best professor?
  2. Is a business degree worth it?
  3. The most useless class you have ever taken.
  4. Should college tuition be affordable?
  5. Research proposal evaluation.

Evaluation argument essay topics on economic

  1. Evaluation of the expected socio-economic results.
  2. Reducing supplier evaluation cycle time.
  3. Policy monitoring vs. policy evaluation comparison brief.
  4. Walmart's vision and mission statement evaluation.

Evaluation argument essay topics on nursing

  1. Evaluation of epidemiological problem – diabetes.
  2. Methods of economic evaluation of the health services.
  3. Health communication campaigns evaluation.
  4. Evaluation of hypericin herb-drug interactions.
  5. Comprising the evaluation of the merits of obamacare health policy.
  6. The evaluation plan for diabetes program.
  7. Medical articles evaluation.
  8. Patient's evaluation statement.
  9. Evaluation of nurses' handover practice in an acute outpatient dialysis unit.

Evaluation argument essay topics on politics & career growth

  1. Media evaluation in presidential campaign.
  2. Leadership and strategy evaluation.
  3. Self-evaluation at all career stages.
  4. Masterly-done speech evaluation.
  5. Providing the evaluation of president Andrew Jackson's tenure in office.
  6. My evaluation for future leadership.

Interesting evaluation argument essay topics

  1. Faculty evaluation.
  2. Evaluation of the old testament.
  3. Evaluation of Hellene's proposed venture.
  4. Critical analysis and evaluation of text.
  5. Role of performance evaluation in a project environment.
  6. BP oil spill documentary evaluation.
  7. Evaluation with the continued rising cases of climate change.

Challenging evaluation argument essay topics

  1. Recommendation of the annual executive health evaluation.
  2. Evaluation of a chosen periodical source.
  3. Areas of development in the current UAE Legislations in light of FATF mutual evaluation report.
  4. Areas of evaluation in informatics solution proposal.
  5. Frankenstein critical analysis evaluation.
  6. Starbucks' external factor evaluation matrix.
  7. Personal work group evaluation.
  8. External factor evaluation and internal factor evaluation for Oracle.
  9. Post-training evaluation plan.

Easy evaluation argument essay topics

  1. Research proposal evaluation.
  2. Ethics and performance evaluations.
  3. Evaluation proposal for the social awareness program for hispanics.
  4. Critical evaluation of luxury brand stores: Saint Laurent and Balmain.
  5. Analysis and evaluation of the community agency observation.
  6. Evaluation design.
  7. Resource evaluation exercise.

College easy evaluation argument essay topics

  1. Evaluation and application of thesis - HP's supply chain.
  2. Training evaluation writing assignment.
  3. Apple Inc's strategic evaluations.
  4. Evaluation of the effectiveness of financial markets and institutions.
  5. Comprising health policy evaluation.
  6. Clinique company training and evaluation plan.
  7. Evaluation of the project: purchasing a new printing machine.
  8. Ethical evaluation of alphabet company.
  9. Strengths and limitations of the evaluation plan.
  10. Why some managers hate performance evaluation.
  11. Evaluation of issues in technology integration.
  12. Werner Erhard's life evaluation.
  13. Evaluation of the quality of a consumer product.


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