Free Essay with the Patient's Evaluation Statement

Published: 2022-04-14
Free Essay with the Patient's Evaluation Statement
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Pt will demonstrate a relaxed attitude free from any anxiety

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The patient will report reduced or no cases of fatigue

from the rest he will take and the therapy

The Pt will not posses angina

Maintain the patient`s oxygen therapy and physiotherapy sessions

Taking water and exercising will help normalize blood sugar levels in the patient

Indulge the patient in relaxation techniques, apply stimulation control, or use cognitive behavioral therapy

Teach relaxation techniques including meditation, yoga and encourage massage. Maintain a healthy diet and engaging in physical exercises

Subject the patient through cardiac rehabilitation Oxygen demand always increases in the body as one engages in physical activities. Oxygen therapy enhances an individual`s ability to tolerate low oxygen in the body

Relaxation techniques help calm the body for the patient employs the progressive muscles in tensing situations

Being in control of the bedtime activities of the patient helps moderate his sleep patterns, for instance, controlling the stimulus which connects the feeling of readiness to sleep and when in bed

Cognitive behavior therapy assists patients comprehend the change in behavior and thought patterns The patient possesses standard breathing rate (respiration rate of 12-20 breathes per minute) with ease

Patient having healthy and stable blood pressure (between 120/80 mmHg - 140/90 mm Hg)

Patient demonstrates a relaxed mood without any signs of fatigue

The patient should engage in exercise activities and maintain a balanced diet

The patient should continue to indulge in yoga and massage on a regular basis to keep calm

The patient has new beliefs that are healthy and promote rational decision-making processes. The patient also has positive thoughts that have improved his sleeping patterns

Summary of Evaluation Statement

Despite Ocampo`s health deteriorating over the past few years, the assessment and medications offered to him after the medical check-up. The signs and symptoms of Ocampo faded away after undergoing three therapy sessions of cognitive behavior therapy. Also, the patient is expected to lead a healthy lifestyle that incorporates physical exercises and eating a balanced diet to avoid any heart-related complications in future.

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